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Will Cancer Ever Be Cured?

Natural Cancer Cures



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Natural Cancer Cures

If you correct the reasons why this happened, the cancer tissues will go back
to normal. It happens a lot. In fact it happens far more than doctors realize
and a very powerful recent paper in a peer-reviewed top scientific journal
[The Archives of Internal Medicine, Dec 2008] showed conclusively that if
doctors left well enough alone many cancers would resolve on their own.

I’ll tell you the whole story. In fact, my book is a feast of amazing and
scientifically valid secrets that nobody has been telling you. You’ve been
denied the real story... till now!

As you can see, I speak from science, not whimsy and wishful thinking. Cancer
Research Secrets is a crystal clear stream of real, workable knowledge. Not
an ounce of fluff in it. I urge you to get your own personal copy NOW!

I promised a few pages back to tell you the final update of the Scottish

doctor’s story.

A cancer research doctor was allowed a short list of 11 terminal hospital
patients with pancreatic cancer (at the time it’s diagnosed, this type of
tumor has an average survival time of just 6 weeks). Yet using the Scottish
doctor’s PullQuote_3b.gif 12080x12849therapy, which I explain in detail in
Cancer Research Secrets (page 75), nine patients (81%) lived one year, 5
lived two years (45%), 4 lived three years (36%) and two have lived longer
than four years.

Now compare that with a study published at about the same time, of the newly
approved drug Gemcitabine. Of 126 patients with pancreatic cancer not a
single patient lived longer than 19 months and yet that was considered a
“successful” drug. It’s being sold today as the “proper” treatment for
pancreatic cancer.

Well, if faced with disaster, I wouldn’t take Gemcitabine. I’d want the 45-
81% option, not the 0% option, wouldn’t you?

I hope you are getting the picture here! Do not listen to the propaganda
about conventional treatment. It comes nowhere near the success rate of
certain properly run alternative therapies. Yet they call their methods
science. They claim alternatives are “not scientific” or “not proven” or

PullQuote_4b.gif 12080x12849Ha! What could be more dangerous than chemo and
radiation? The whole reason it works (if ever it does) is they stop JUST
SHORT of killing you, while killing the tumor. We call that the toxicity
margin or “therapeutic index” and it really is as crude as I just explained
it (it’s meaured by the dose it takes to kill exactly 50% of the study

If you are involved with cancer, or concerned in any way through family or
friends, you need to act. As I said, we are ALL facing this issue at some
time or other, so you had better be concerned.

You need this life-saving information. Everyone around you needs it. Cancer
Research Secrets is your easy-to-read, informative guide. If I do say so
myself, I just happen to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals on
Earth about alternative medicine.

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments



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