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War on Cancer or War on...


This is what the “war” is really about:


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It’s proven time and time again that many of these alternative treatments are
at least as effective as chemotherapy and radiation, with hardly any side
effects. Consider these facts:

There’s a simple piece of electronic equipment that’s been around for 80
years, and any handyman can make one. It has a terrific cure rate against
cancer without side effects. I’m not talking about the famous Rife machine.

The one I mean was developed by a Russian genius in the 1930s, back when
there were literally hundreds of clinics all over Europe providing safe,
effective cancer treatment and curing many people. Today you never hear of
this treatment, unless you go researching. You’ll find it on page 158 of my
book, Cancer Research Secrets.

A whole new theory of cancer was evolved by a Scottish doctor that led to a
simple, safe nutritional treatment. It was wildly effective and by 1911, in
London alone, there were over 40 clinics offering this treatment (page 75).
But it simply vanished. Marie Curie’s radium “cure” was invented and simple
natural remedies were swept aside. Ironically Marie Curie’s radiation method
is now known to be one of the main CAUSES of cancer, yet doctors go on using
it. They hope to kill the tumor just before they kill the patient (and they
don’t always get it right).

You might think the Scottish doctor’s treatment must have vanished altogether
and you would be nearly right. But in 1967 a US dentist repeated the same
success and showed the world a whole safe new approach to cancer. He cured
himself of one of the most deadly cancers and went on to live over 30 years
beyond his “sell by” date. His method helped thousands to fully recover from

But this brilliant dentist was attacked violently for daring to go up against
the Cancer Mafia and finally quit. Even that’s not the end of the story. A
young researcher took up this discovery in the 1980s. I’ll tell you that
story in detail in just a moment.

So what is the matter with my conventional colleagues? Why can’t they see the
truth staring them down?

The answer, of course, is money. The Scottish doctor’s treatment cost just a
few dollars, compared to hundreds of thousands for the “correct” conventional
treatment. What self-respecting oncologist would give up all that income,
just because it was in the patient’s best interest? I’m sorry to sound
cynical but that’s the profession today.

It’s such a greedy, voracious, money-gobbling machine I know of cases where
the patients have even been diagnosed fraudulently as having cancer so the
hospital can make money by treating them (since the treatment unquestionably
kills some patients, this is tantamount to murder in any other profession).

Oncologists don’t have your interests at heart. In one case I know a doctor
who had cured a cancer patient. Instead of being happy about it, the
patient’s oncologist made an official complaint, because it lost him over
$300,000 in fees. The doctor who’d actually cured the patient was run out of
town; in fact he was run out of the country. He can no longer practice
medicine safely in the USA.

You couldn’t make this up; you’d be laughed at! It’s worse than the lurid
tales in tabloid papers, like the National Enquirer or the Globe.

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments


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