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What do four Nobel Prize winners know that doctors don’t?

Would it surprise you to know that at least four Nobel Prize winners have
made breakthroughs towards the safe, scientific treatment of cancer, without
deadly chemo and radiation treatment?

Their discoveries go back over 80 years, yet their pioneer work is being
ignored by modern doctors. It could be saving lives — YOUR life, or the life
of someone you love. Yet it is being suppressed. Ironically, what I rate the
biggest cancer treatment discovery of all was re-affirmed with a completely
up-to-date scientific study that took place in Boston College and was
published in a reputable scientific journal in 2008 [Journal of Lipid
Research.2008; 49: 2545-2556].

Another scientist, seven times nominated for the Nobel Prize, discovered a
glorious food substance which literally traps the healing power of sunlight
and delivers it to your body in the form of active, restorative electron
energy (this is not New Age pseudo-science babble but real cutting edge
knowledge, as you will see when you read the explanation in full).

I can (and will) show you three different diet regimes that have each proven
capable of bringing patients back right from the very edge of death with
terminal cancer, and putting them on the road to recovery. Not just that: the
patients attained better health than they ever had before — they get so
healthy that many of them have said they had cause to BLESS the fact that
they got cancer.

You see, alternatives work — at least as well as some forms of chemotherapy
and often better. The payoff is that you learn how to achieve true health,
not just how to suppress the disease.

Let me repeat, you don’t necessarily have to abandon orthodox treatment.

Nearly all the super healing alternative strategies I describe for you are
quite compatible with other methods and will help you undergo chemotherapy or
radiation treatment without the dreaded side effects.

The Cancer Mafia

Unfortunately, the medical profession is often the last place you’d get the
truth about effective cures. The pharmaceutical industry and greedy,
unethical doctors seeking their own gain have conspired to become what has
appropriately been called the “Cancer Mafia”. They have long since left
behind any thought of putting patient care first. Their agenda is to protect
their profits and destroy anyone who wants to offer alternatives to their
ghastly, unsuccessful and expensive methods.

In spite of the fact that it’s easy to pick holes in their so-called science,
they go on cutting, poisoning and burning patients in the name of a “cure”.
Yet when it comes to gentle, cheap holistic treatments, they attack them with
a frenzy amounting to blind fury, claiming such treatments are “unproven”,
“bogus” and even “dangerous”.

In fact the “War ON Cancer”, vaunted by the cancer establishment, should be
renamed the “War ABOUT cancer”. There is literally a life and death struggle
going on for the right to tell patients the truth and let each person decide
for himself or herself what to do.

According to the AMA, FDA and other institutional bureaucracies, no one
should have the right to speak freely except doctors entrenched in the dogma
of the day. The so-called cancer charities, like the American Cancer Society
are phony. They’re clearly on the side of the Cancer Mafia, not the truth.

So I know it’s difficult for the patient or family to know what to think. If
you or someone you love has cancer, you face a blizzard of conflicting
“facts.” CRSCover-click-here.png 300x402The cancer establishment showers
alternative therapies with abusive language and criticism, most of it wrapped
up in scientific jargon most people don’t understand.

That’s why I wrote Cancer Research Secrets: to help you make the right

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