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You can laugh at Cancer, if you follow my scientifically Proven Secrets.



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"Tear up The Medical Text Books!" says Professor Keith
Scott-Mumby,MD,MB,ChB,PhD. This Experienced doctor is
ready to spill the BIG SECRET of certain success against

Did you know that one in two men and almost that many women will get cancer
at some time in their lifetime?  Those odds are 50:50! Not good. It means,
statistically speaking, either you or someone very close to you will get this

That’s why I have a saying: “We are all battling cancer.”

Cancer will come into your life.  The Big C movie is coming, some day, to a
movie theater near you. Even if you don’t have the starring role, I assure
you it’s no fun watching someone you love slowly wither away with this

What’s ironic is that cancer is fairly easy to prevent, and in its early
stages it’s easy to treat successfully.

Cancer really doesn’t deserve its dread reputation!

I can tell you about a doctor, a “recovering oncologist” you might say, who’s
discovered that all cancer cases share one simple cause and if you do
something about it, you’re almost certain to recover. He has over 40,000
cases, a success rate of more than 90%, and many people alive today were sick
almost to death before he found and rescued them.

Qualified, ethical doctors in good standing, all around the world, practice a
variety of alternative cancer therapies. The fact that these therapies are
outlawed in the USA, does not mean they are not perfectly legal anywhere else
— and it certainly doesn’t mean they’re ineffective.

Many of them work really well. I would use them instead of conventional
therapy for myself or my family. For example, the most common oncology drug
prescribed in Germany is an herbal homoeopathic preparation. I bet you’ve
never heard of it! And I’ve got more...

That’s why I’m prepared to send you a comprehensive consumer report called
" Cancer Research Secrets".  It will give you details of scores of these
alternative remedies and explain how they work.

It will give you details of scores of these alternative remedies and explain how
they work.

These are remedies that orthodox medicine would prefer you never hear about.
Their profits will suffer if this information becomes widespread. They don’t
want you to know about these remedies because they’re cheap and effective.

But you don’t care if cancer doctors — oncologists — and big drug companies
make less money.  What you care about is that you and your family will be
able to survive cancer and live a normal life span.

And this news might surprise you...

This report will still help you even if you opt for chemo or radiation at the
same time you try certain alternative therapies. My report will show you how
to reduce the side effects and make chemotherapy more likely to succeed.

We know so much about cancer today, nobody should die of this disease.

There are many alternative therapies to help you conquer cancer naturally,
safely and surely.

And I don’t want you to think I mean wacky folk cures when I say
“alternative” therapies! I’m talking about different — but totally scientific
— alternatives to the deadly game of surgical mutilation, chemotherapy and
radiation. These holistic methods work AT LEAST as well as accepted
conventional treatment.

So why don’t doctors offer these alternatives?

Doctors today are taught to view anything outside the drug industry’s choke-
hold on medical thinking as very suspect, or even fraudulent. They have an
exclusive monopoly on what they CLAIM is the “proper” treatment for cancer.

Yet the results of orthodox medicine are deplorably bad. I know. I am a fully
qualified MD (MB ChB in Britain, which is bachelor of medicine, bachelor of
surgery). Yes, I’ve had my hands in people’s guts and chests. But long ago, I
chose the gentler and safer route of natural medicine.

Cancer-Research-Secrets-Cover.png 350x469That doesn’t mean I abandoned
science. I’m BIG on science, logic, reason and empirical testing. In fact I’m
the scourge of both the orthodox lies and the “holistic” humbug that
professes a superior attitude to that of doctors.

I tell it like it is. I shoot straight. After all, I’m not trying to sell you
treatment or supplements. I have no motivation to tell you anything but the

So, if you don’t want to EVER die from cancer, make sure my fabulous new
comprehensive resource Cancer Research Secrets is on your desk.


World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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