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Those Who DO Have Cancer

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Especially For Those Who DO Have Cancer

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer you have a
decision to make. Should you go with orthodox treatments
first and then go with alternative treatments after the orthodox
medicine people have sent you home to die? Or should
you go with alternative treatments first?

If it sounds like a tough decision then you had better read
this report another two or three times.

Is there a risk of going with alternative medicine first? I
can think of only one possible situation where it might be a
risk. If the cancer is totally contained to one place of the
body, and is getting ready to spread throughout the body, but
has not yet spread. Then surgery might be acceptable.

However, I doubt, in all sincerity, that your doctors really
know it has not already spread. By the time you have
symptoms, the cancer has been in your body for several years.
Modern medicine has no clue where all of the cancer cells are
in your body. In many cases I truly believe they say that it
is contained just to get your business, when in fact they
know that they don’t know if it has already spread (or it may
have come from somewhere else to begin with).

Cancer is generally caused by a combination of two things.

First, a poor diet. Second, a carcinogen. In other words, a
person has a poor diet, the body fills with fungus, then a
carcinogen is introduced into the body and the person gets
cancer, generally because of the fungus. Thus, by cutting out
the cancer the cause of the cancer has not been fixed. There
is nothing about orthodox medicine that deals with the true
cause of cancer. As Dr. Day has asked: Is cancer caused by a
deficiency of chemotherapy?

Let me suggest you go with alternative cancer treatments

Is there a risk in having your immune system built up?

Is there a risk in treating your liver with natural
substances that cleanse it? Is there a risk in selectively
killing cancer cells with substances God himself designed?
Is there a risk in dealing with the cause of your cancer?

More importantly, is there a risk in avoiding surgery (in
rare cases surgery is necessary)? Is there a risk in avoiding
chemotherapy, which destroys your immune system plus it
destroys red blood cells? Is there a risk in avoiding
radiation therapy which burns many of your healthy cells to

I suppose there is a risk going with alternative medicine
first. The level of risk is largely dependent on how much
homework you do.

Now the bad news. Most people who seek out alternative cancer
treatments have already been sent home to die and they feel
they “have nothing to lose by going with alternative medicine.

The reality is that several alternative cancer treatments have
been demonstrated to cure over 90% of the cancer patients
who use this treatment first. However, for people who go to
orthodox medicine first, and are eventually sent home to die, I
have never seen a cure rate for an alternative cancer treatment
that was over 50%.

Do the math. If you go with orthodox medicine first (cure
rate of 3%), and THEN go with alternative cancer treatments,
even if you use the best and strongest alternative treatment
there is, your chances of surviving your cancer is cut in half!!

There are several problems for people who have been sent home
to die. First, their body, and especially their major organs, have
been severely damaged and frequently these organs cannot
be repaired, especially the liver. Second, their immune system
has been destroyed before they were sent home to die.

Third, they have lost months or years of time while waiting
for orthodox medicine to send them home to die, time that is
not available for alternative treatments to work.

The truth is that even if there was an alternative cancer
treatment that safely removed every cancer cell from a
patient’s body within a few days (this type of treatment, by
the way, is theoretically safe and possible), many of those
sent home to die would die (even after this hypothetical
treatment) because of the long-term damage done by
orthodox medicine.

The last problem is that some of the most potent alternative
treatments (that can cure many of the cancer patients sent
home to die) work by killing cancer cells. These treatments
must be done slowly in order to avoid too many toxins being
released by dying and dead cancer cells. Thus, additional
time will be lost during the treatment.

Do You Know Someone With Cancer?

Many of the people who read this eBook are trying to decide
whether to tell someone they know, who has cancer, about
this web site. It is a far easier decision than you think. Don’t
make their decisions for them!!!! Tell them about this
website and let them decide what to do about it!

I know you love the person and want what is best for them.
That is good, but a person with cancer has a right to know
their options and to make their own decisions. It is their
life at stake, let them make the hard decisions. It is the
person with cancer who needs to know their options.

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