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The Key Issues of Treating Advanced Cancer!


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The Key Issues!

Issue One - The Fire Hose

Every alternative cancer treatments needs to have at least one "Stage IV"
alternative cancer treatment. This is the main treatment that puts out the
fire. It is what the "fire department" brings to the house fire.

Most of this article is on the "Stage IV" treatments. But remember that every
cancer treatment of a "Stage IV" cancer patient needs at least one of these
treatments (and usually only one of them).

Having said that new advances in alternative cancer treatments are changing
the landscape of getting rid of cancer cells. With the addition of a frequency
generator (i.e. Rife Machine) to the Cancer Tutor website in May of
2009, an old concept suddenly became a reality!!

Even before its inception, the researchers of the Independent Cancer Research
Foundation, Inc. (ICRF) were working on treatments which reverted cancer
cells into normal cells. This means they were working on treatments which
killed the cell wall deficient microbes which were inside the cancer cells.

Why is this important from a theoretical standpoint? By reverting cancer
cells into normal cells the process of getting rid of cancer cells can be
much faster. For example, when you kill cancer cells you create a lot of
debris from dead cancer cells. This is why treatments that kill cancer cells
take so long - it is dangerous to kill a lot of cancer cells quickly.

But reverting cancer cells can be done almost immediately. The only issue is
that you do have to deal with a lot of dead microbes, but that is a minor
issue compared to dealing with dead cancer cells. Cancer cells are a lot
larger than microbes, thus they create a lot more debris.

The frequency generator article on this website was the first protocol which
was designed to quickly revert cancer cells into normal cells. The technology
goes back to the 1930s, but was lost to the world for over 70 years due to
government corruption and a number of other reasons.

Another advantage to treatments which revert cancer cells into normal cells
is that these treatments can be used with other Stage IV treatments. In other
words, the primary reason Stage IV treatments cannot be combined is that you
don't want two cancer treatments killing the maximum safe number of cancer
cells. This would lead to too many cancer cells being killed.

But reverting cancer cells into normal cells does not kill any cancer cells,
thus treatments which revert cancer cells into normal cells can usually be
combined with the treatments that kill cancer cells. But more importantly,
these treatments work so fast it doesn't really matter if they are used with
other Stage IV treatments.

But also understand that all of the Stage IV alternative cancer treatments
which kill cancer cells ALSO contain supplements and foods to protect the
non-cancerous cells, to protect the organs, etc. Thus, a treatment which only
reverts cancer cells into normal cells cannot be the sole alternative cancer
treatment for advanced cancer patients.

The treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells only solve half of
the problem (safely getting rid of cancer cells quickly), but do not solve
the other half of the problem (protecting the non-cancerous cells and

This is important to understand: even if a treatment reverted every cancer
cell into a normal cell in one week, this would only solve half of the
problem!!! The patient would still be at major risk for dying because it is
the long-term damage to non-cancerous cells and organs that cause the death
of most patients.

The faster you can safely get rid of cancer cells, the higher the chance of
survival. The reason is that as long as a large number of cancer cells exist
they are literally sucking the life out of the non-cancerous cells. The
faster you can safely get rid of the cancer cells the faster the non-
cancerous cells and organs can start to recover.

Issue Two - Protecting Non-Cancerous Cells and Buying Time

Many cancer patients die because of the spreading of their cancer. However,
many other cancer patients die because their non-cancerous cells become so
weak and sick that the body simply shuts down.

Cancer cells literally "steal" glucose from non-cancerous cells. Cancer cells
also "steal" minerals and other nutrients from non-cancerous cells. Cancer
cells also create what is called a "lactic acid cycle" which robs the entire
body of energy in more than one way.

Treating cancer must be done on two fronts. You must work on getting rid of
the cancer cells, but at the same time you must protect and strengthen the
non-cancerous cells.

Never lose sight of the critical non-cancerous cells. It is these cells which
determine how long you are going to live and thus how long you have to treat
your cancer. They are what "buy-time" for the cancer treatment to work.
Thus, "buying time," by protecting the non-cancerous cells, can be just as
important (and even more important at times) than dealing with the cancer

Another key issue in this section is dealing with the damage done by
chemotherapy. Those who have had high doses of chemotherapy have had
damage done to their stomach and/or colon which likely reduces their ability
to digest supplements and foods. But the digestion of supplements and foods
is always absolutely critical to the treatment of cancer!!

For this reason, those who have had extensive chemotherapy, and have had
damage to the stomach lining and/or colon lining, need some way to get key
nutrients into their bloodstream.

Actually, the frequency generator, mentioned above, does not need any
digestive abilities because it is an electromedicine device. But whether you
use a frequency generator or not, a patient may need to take liquid

Issue Three - Stopping the Spread of Cancer

There are three things which will help stop the spread of cancer, in addition
to the primary cancer treatment a patient is on.

First, is alkalinity. Microbes and cancer cells simply cannot thrive in an alkaline
environment. There are also alternative cancer treatments (e.g. the Cesium
Chloride Protocol and the Barefoot Calcium treatment) which provide
alkalinity to the cancer cells.

(Note: This is an introduction section, but you should realize you do NOT
want to raise the pH of your blood, such as with high levels of baking soda,
as that can be very, very dangerous. This is one reason you must work with an
expert, who will usually be your key vendor, and make sure the expert knows
everything you are doing.)

Second, is oxygen. Things like hydrogen peroxide (e.g. 12 drops of 35% food
grade hydrogen peroxide a day), stabilized oxygen or chlorine dioxide (e.g.
12 drops taken transdermally, meaning through the skin) can quickly raise the
oxygen level in the blood. Chlorine Dioxide is made from stabilized oxygen
Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol

Third, for those whose cancer is in tissue (as opposed to leukemia), the Dr.
Matthias Rath treatment is superb at slowing down the spread of cancer, to
"buy time" for other treatments to work. Here is an article on the Dr. Rath

Dr. Matthias Rath Protocol

Fourth, electromedicine, especially the frequency generator (e.g. "Rife
Machine"). This device can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, thus
allowing the cancer cells to revert into normal cells.

This is an excellent way to stop fast-spreading cancers because it does not
interfere with most alternative cancer treatments, thus it can be used as an
addition to almost any other "Stage IV" treatment.

Issue Four - After You Are In Remission

The purpose of an alternative cancer treatment is to put the cancer patient
into "remission," meaning the symptoms of the cancer are gone. But even if
every cancer cell in the person's body is killed, removed, or reverted into
normal cells, your treatment is not finished.

There is a very high chance that even when your cancer symptoms are gone,
your immune system is not strong enough yet to deal with new cancer cells
(everyone gets new cancer cells) and it is possible not all of your cancer
cells are dead or reverted into normal cells.

Thus, it is critical to continue building your immune system and killing new
cancer cells (which your immune system is probably not ready to do yet).
In other words, once the cancer patient is in remission, it is quite possible
for the cancer to return (which is called: regression) because they haven't
fixed the original problems that caused the cancer in the first place or the
cancer returns because the patient returned to their old lifestyle. Or perhaps
everyone thought the cancer was gone, but it wasn't completely gone.

For example, almost all breast cancer cases involve root canals as a causal
factor. Thus, if a breast cancer patient does not have their root canal teeth
removed by a qualified dentist, their cancer may return.

As another example, a cancer patient on the Cesium Chloride Protocol may
hit their "cesium limit" (as determined by their vendor) before their cancer is
totally gone. Or perhaps the cesium chloride treatment works so quickly the
person's immune system is not completely restored (especially if the patient
had been on chemotherapy)!!

In any case, even when the cancer is "cured," the work is not done. A
"remission" treatment is needed to:

1) Build the immune system,
2) Kill any remaining cancer cells,
3) Repair the electrical balance in the cells,
4) Flood the body with ionic minerals, and so on.

Many things need to be done after the cancer patient is in "remission" in
order to prevent "regression." Even those who are able to be treated at a
clinic need the remission treatment because you cannot rebuild the immune
system in a few weeks at a clinic.

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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