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Treating Cancer With Shark Cartilage

Everyone knows someone with cancer or that has died from cancer. It's
time for some new awareness...knowledge and real honesty about cancer,
cancer treatment and recovery. This is not about treating the symptoms,
which is the medical approach. This is about natural treatment that
treats the disease. I'm a cancer survivor using the natural approach.
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This therapy appears to have enormous benefits

One of the most life-threatening circumstances dependent on new blood vessel
growth is cancer. Cancer cells are, basically, normal cells that have only
one function—reproduction. In their frenzy of uncontrolled growth, a
haphazard maze of blood vessels develop, which must constantly be expanded
and replaced. This constant drain of nutrients combined with the subsequent
flood of toxic wastes, places an enormous strain on the body’s reserves.
Eventually, the growing tumor mass begins to crowd and divert precious
resources away from the vital organs. This eventually leads to their
destruction and, ultimately, the death of the host organism.

For decades, the majority of research efforts have concentrated on treating
cancer with radiation, surgery, and toxic chemicals. It was only in the mid-
1980s that a few farsighted researchers began concentrating their efforts on
finding substances that would stop angiogenesis. The late Dr. Judah Folkman,
of Children’s Hospital in Boston, is considered the pioneer in the study of
angiogenesis and its role in cancer inhibition. [Dr. Folkman has shown that
if a tumor can’t develop its own blood supply, it will stop growing when it
reaches 1 to 2 cubic mm—the size of a pencil point. (Sci 87;235:442–447)
Remember that 1 mm is only 0.04 inches!] It was a member of Dr. Folkman’s
research team, Dr. Robert Langer of MIT, who discovered the benefits of shark

Initial studies were performed on rabbits. In one eye, tumors and tiny shark
cartilage pellets were implanted in the cornea. In the other eye, tumors and
identical-sized pellets without shark extract were implanted. After 19 days,
the animals were sacrificed because the tumor masses in the untreated eyes
had continued to grow unchecked. They had become “three-dimensional and
necrotic.” The tumors next to the implanted shark cartilage pellets, however,
showed little evidence of any growth or new blood vessel formation.

Next, came research from Belgium showing that oral dosage of dried shark
cartilage extract was just as effective as injecting it! Cancerous animals
given the oral shark cartilage extract showed practically no tumor growth. In
fact, after 21 days, their tumors were about 60 percent of their original
size. On the other hand, after 21 days, the tumors in animals not taking the
extract were 2.5 times their original size! (This unpublished study was
performed at the prestigious cancer research center in Brussels, Belgium,
Institut Jules Bordet, by Dr. G. Atassi in late 1989.)

What’s amazing in all of these studies, is that shark cartilage extract
doesn’t appear to have any direct effect on the tumors themselves. It works
instead, by simply interrupting the blood supply and formation of new lymph
and blood vessels. (J Appl Biochem Biotech 83;8:9) This probably explains why
no toxicity was reported in all the studies performed in the last seven or
eight years.

Studies have been conducted in humans as well, though. The studies so far
have been done using individuals who were already severely ill and for whom
other forms of treatment had failed. The results show remarkable benefits for
both quality of life and longevity: reduction in pain, reduction in tumor
size, recovery of energy, and simple survival.

I am frequently asked if I think shark cartilage could be used as a
preventive measure against cancer. It seems that it could be, however there’s
no long-term hard data to support this. I’ll be the first to admit that more
research needs to be done, but I can tell you one thing for sure: If I had a
history of either breast or prostate cancer (among others), I’d definitely be
taking shark cartilage to help prevent any reccurrence. It’s a therapy that
appears to provide enormous benefits while causing little, if any, adverse
side effects.

As a supplement, shark cartilage is expensive. As an adjunct to cancer
treatment, it’s a bargain. A single 750 mg capsule of the extract retails for
no more than 30 cents, and a 400 gram jar is no more than $80. The normal
initial dosage in cancer cases, is 60 grams per day (split in equal dosages
and taken 10 to 15 minutes before each meal). Once in remission, many reduce
the dosage to one capsule for every 11 pounds of their body weight. (As in
the study mentioned earlier, dosages given to animals is generally 750 mg for
every 11 pounds of body weight.)

Shark cartilage extract is a true breakthrough. It is non-toxic, and easy for
anyone to administer, since oral consumption is the most effective route of
delivery. And maybe, most important of all, it can be used in conjunction
with any other form of cancer therapy whether conventional or otherwise.

(Regardless of whether a person chooses chemotherapy, surgery or laetrile or
Gerson therapy, shark cartilage extract can still be used safely and
effectively without fear of jeopardizing any positive results!) Even still,
there are a few instances when new blood vessel growth is necessary in adults
and shark cartilage isn’t recommended. Some examples include: after a recent
heart attack or certain types of strokes where development of collateral
circulation is encouraged; during pregnancy; in cases of non-healing
fractures and during muscle building programs.

Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of cancer treatment therapies come and go.
While shark cartilage extract may not be the final answer, its unique ability
to inhibit angiogenesis makes it an extremely viable adjunct to all cancer
treatment programs.

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