Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How Alternative Cancer Treatment Experts Are Trained

There are NO college or medical school courses on this planet on curing advanced cancer patients with natural medicine.

Sometimes I will get an email from a person who wants to be treated by a medical doctor. Why? The average housewife knows far more about alternative cancer treatments than almost any medical doctor. Doctors are taught to sell drugs, not work with natural medicine.

A person who entered medical school in 2002, which is when I started researching alternative cancer treatments, would not know 1% of what I know about cancer!! If they specialized in oncology they would know a lot more about cancer terminology than I do, but would know nothing about how to cure cancer!!

The reader should clearly understand that any PhD, M.D., naturopath, truck driver, insurance salesman, housewife or computer repairman, etc., who claims they are experts in alternative cancer treatments, and they really are experts, have been self-taught or trained by an expert in alternative medicine.

These people have read books, articles on websites, they may work with cancer patients, etc. etc. What they know they did not learn in any school.

Mike Vrentas, Ty Bollinger, Bill Henderson and myself, and many others, have written many things about cancer which any oncologist, naturopath or PhD could learn from. None of us have medical backgrounds. Ty and I are both accountants by training. Bill has a background in computers, as do Ty and I. Mike is a former police officer in downtown Kansas City. But all of us are bona fide experts in alternative cancer treatments.

For example, Bill Henderson, as he has done to me, can "talk your ear off" about the importance of dental issues with regards to cancer. Bill knows of hundreds of cancer cases where the patient could not be cured until they got their dental infections fixed by one of the extremely rare dentists who can fix certain kinds of "cavitations." This situation is common with breast cancer patients, but can apply to other types of cancer as well.

The point is this: do not assume that if a person is not an M.D. or PhD that they don't know how to cure cancer!!! It could be a fatal mistake to ignore what someone says just because they are not an M.D. or PhD!!

While I will confess that people who do have medical backgrounds have an advantage over the rest of us; the end result is that a medical background really doesn't make that much of a difference. A jet pilot doesn't need to know how a jet engine works. What is far more important is that the cancer researcher wants to dig for the truth and has an open mind.

"Are Alternative Cancer Treatments For Real?"

 by R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

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