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Big Pharma...What is Their Real Interests?

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Big Pharma

While the pharmaceutical industry does provide many life-
saving and quality of life drugs, their lust for money has
taken them into areas they have no business being in. There
are many health areas where natural substances are far
superior to mutated, synthetic molecules. Mother Nature is a
far better chemist than all of the pharmaceutical chemists
combined  and will be for the next ten billion years!

But because pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural
substances, they cannot make much of a profit from natural
substances, even if they sold them (which some pharmaceutical
companies do). Thus, to make the huge profits needed to
appease their stockholders, they revert to pushing the most
profitable synthetic molecules they can pass off as useful.
In other words, they make decisions of what products to sell
based solely on how profitable they are.

They also fund much of the massive effort to suppress the
truth about natural molecules.

But it gets worse. The pharmaceutical industry has its hands
in the pockets of Congress. Congress has protected the
pharmaceutical industry via their creation and control of the
FDA, NIH and NCI. In fact most government agencies were
created to protect the profits of some large corporate industry
which had power in Washington.

Corporations do not have police powers. So the way they get
these police powers is to use their influence among corrupt
politicians in Washington to create a government agency to,
by proxy, exercise the police powers for the benefit of the

Congress is so concerned about protecting the profits of Big
Pharma,, that in November, 2003 Congress handed a corporate
welfare check to Big Pharma for scores of billions of dollars:

    The Medicare legislation that passed the House near dawn
on Saturday and is moving toward a final vote in the Senate
would steer at least $125 billion over the next decade in
extra assistance to the health care industry and U.S.
    Washington Post, November 24, 2003

Since when does Big Pharma need extra assistance. The bill,
by the way, forbids the government from negotiating lower
drug prices. How often did you hear this fact emphasized in
the media before the bill was passed? Congress has a long
history of being far more interested in the health of big
business than in the health of the American people.

Rep. Billy Tauzin, the Louisiana congressman who largely
wrote the $540 billion prescription-drug bill for Big Pharma
resigned from Congress to accept a $2 million-a-year job in
the drug industry.

Big Pharma not only makes billions of dollars in profits from
chemotherapy drugs every year, which do nothing but treat the
symptoms of cancer, they also make hundreds of millions of
dollars in profits every year for making drugs to treat the
symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation!

Lest you think Congress is a group of strong-minded people
who are deeply concerned about what is best for you, consider
this: aspartame (i.e. NutraSweet, Equal, etc.) is known to
cause brain damage to unborn children (i.e. a fetus). The
damage is manifest as autism, ADD, mental retardation, etc.
(see my article for pregnant women on this web site for more
information). Now consider this quote:

    Prompted by mounting safety concerns within the scientific
community, Ohio Senator Howard Metzenbaum called for
Senate hearings on NutraSweet. He introduced the
Aspartame Safety Act of 1985 on August 1st of that year. The
bill called for clinical studies to ascertain the safety of
aspartame, a moratorium on the introduction of aspartame into
new products until independent testing was complete, labeling
of products including the amount of aspartame in each serving
and the allowable daily intake, and a warning that aspartame
is not intended for infant use. The bill also required the FDA
to set up a clinical adverse reaction committee to collect
reports of adverse effects and to send written notices to
physicians about aspartame. In a March 3, 1986 news release,
the Senator stated ‘we cannot use American’s children as
guineas pigs to determine the ‘safe’ level of NutraSweet
consumption.’ Sadly, the bill that potentially could have
stopped an ongoing tragedy, was killed in the Labor and
Human Resources Committee, and never reached the
Senate floor.

    See also: Metzenbaum H. Discussion of S.1557 (Aspartame
Safety Act). Congressional Record-Senate August 1, 1985, p.S

Did you hear about that bill in the media?

As an example of Big Pharma controlled Big Government,
Hydrazine Sulphate was being successfully used against
cachexia in cancer patients. The NCI said they would test the
product. They intentionally did not follow protocol and
effectively murdered all of the patients in the study by
mixing tranquilizers with the Hydrazine Sulphate (which they
were warned not to do). By doing this they could say there
was no scientific evidence the treatment worked and they were
able to suppress this treatment.

    As a result of [the peer-reviewed studies that demonstrated
the effectiveness of hydrazine sulphate], the U.S. National
Cancer Institute  which had placed hydrazine sulfate on its
‘unproven therapy’ list  sponsored three scientific studies to
 assess the benefit of hydrazine sulfate. These studies, published
in 1994, found no benefit from hydrazine sulfate treatment.
However, a review of these studies revealed that 94% of study
patients had also taken at least one [of] the medications which
can block the effect of hydrazine sulfate. Proponents of
hydrazine sulfate have concluded that the results of the N.C.I.
sponsored studies are invalid, and that there is abundant published,
peer-reviewed scientific studies attesting to its benefit.

Many books have been written that document the persecution of
alternative cancer doctors who cured too many of their patients
with inexpensive natural products. Of course, most people have
never heard of these books because the media does not give them
the free publicity they give their favored books.

Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2006 R. Webster Kehr, all rights


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