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What 9 out of 10 DOCTORS Would Prescribe...

  UPDATE:  The only thing to fear is fear itself and what 9 out of
10 doctors would prescribe.

HOW TRUE THIS STATEMENT IS...Not only with cancer treatment...
but 90+% of what is being prescribed for all of our medical

Have YOU ever wondered why you settle for treating the symptoms
in stead of curing the medical problem.

Could it be that we have been lied to all of these years by
????????? Brain washed for the all mighty DOLLAR??? If you
really want to know the answer to that question...KEEP READING
 THIS BLOG...OPEN your mind and start thinking for YOUR health.

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The Explanation...

What has just been described is how modern medicine treats cancer
that has already metastasized. Cancer can be compared to a fire.
It is a fire that will spread until it kills you. But modern medicine
does nothing that will put out the fire.

The first fire truck represents surgery to cut out tumors or parts
of the body where there are concentrations of cancer cells, after
the cancer has already started to spread throughout the body!

The third fire truck represents radiation, which is used to shrink
tumors, after the cancer has already started to spread throughout
the body!

While the second fire truck represents chemotherapy, the progress
chemotherapy is making is frequently judged by its ability to
shrink tumors. Oncologists love to tell the cancer patient that
their tumors are shrinking.

But even if chemotherapy does slow down the progress of the cancer,
and even if it puts cancer patients into remission, it is almost always
a temporary Pyrrhic victory because the cancer almost always

The Food and Drug Administration (the real FDA) has approved
scoresof chemotherapy drugs, but none of them can stop the spread
of cancer because chemotherapy drugs do not target cancer cells.

There are scores of natural substances that do target cancer cells
and can stop the spread of cancer. But the FDA has never approved a
single one of these natural substances (natural substances cannot be
patented by the pharmaceutical companies).

Insurance companies will not pay for natural cancer treatments (i.e.
alternative cancer treatments). The media never says anything good
about alternative cancer treatments, but constantly glorifies the
medical profession in television show after television show. Medical
schools have not taught a single truthful thing about alternative
cancer treatments since 1910.

The Importance of the Spreading of Cancer

To understand how all of this relates to the spreading of cancer,
consider this quote by an M.D., the late Dr. Philip Binzel:

    When a patient is found to have a tumor, the only thing the
doctor discusses with that patient is what he intends to do about
the tumor. If a patient with a tumor is receiving radiation or
chemotherapy, the only question that is asked is, How is the tumor
doing? No one ever asks how the patient is doing. In my medical
training, I remember well seeing patients who were getting radiation
and/or chemotherapy. The tumor would get smaller and smaller, but
the patient would be getting sicker and sicker. At autopsy we would
hear, Isn’t that marvelous! The tumor is gone! Yes, it was, but so
was the patient. How many millions of times are we going to have
to repeat these scenarios before we realize that we are treating the
wrong thing? In primary cancer, with only a few exceptions, the
tumoris neither health-endangering nor life-threatening. I am going
torepeat that statement. In primary cancer, with few exceptions, the
tumor is neither health-endangering nor life-threatening. What is
health-endangering and life-threatening is the spread of that disease
through the rest of the body.There is nothing in surgery that will
prevent the spread of cancer. There is nothing in radiation that will
prevent the spread of the disease.

There is nothing in chemotherapy that will prevent the
spread of the disease. How do we know? Just look at the statistics!
There is a statistic known as survival time. Survival time is defined
as that interval of time between when the diagnosis of cancer is
first made in a given patient and when that patient dies from his
disease.In the past fifty years, tremendous progress has been made
in the early diagnosis of cancer. In that period of time, tremendous
progress had been made in the surgical ability to remove tumors.
Tremendous progress has been made in the use of radiation and
chemotherapy in their ability to shrink or destroy tumors. But,
the survival time of the cancer patient today is no greater than it
was fifty years ago. What does this mean? It obviously means that
we are treating the wrong thing!

                Philip Binzel, M.D., Alive and Well

In other words, if the cancer has not spread from the tumor, the
tumor presents no danger to the patient (with rare exceptions, such
as when a tumor blocks the fluid in the common bile duct).

It is important to understand that the vast majority of cells in a
tumor are healthy cells. Cancer cells CANNOT form tissue. Thus,
if the cancer were contained within the tumor, there would not be
enoughcancer cells in the person’s body to endanger their life.
Likewise,if a man had prostate cancer, and the cancer was contained
insidethe prostate gland, there could not be enough cancer cells inside
the prostate gland to endanger the patient’s life.

Even if the cancer cells in a tumor were killed, or the tumor was
cut out, it would not solve the problem of the spreading of the
cancer if the cancer has already spread. There would be no benefit
to the patient because it is the spreading of the cancer that kills
cancer patients, not the cancer inside the tumor.

Yet the focus of orthodox medicine is on shrinking the tumors.

Chemotherapy (i.e. the second fire truck in the example) is so toxic
to cancer patients that if they gave enough of it to a cancer patient
to kill all of the cancer cells, the patient would die from the side-
effects of the chemotherapy immediately.

So doctors give chemotherapy in very low doses (though they seem like
very high doses), not enough to actually cure you. In the mean time
the cancer continues to spread.

Chemotherapy may put a patient in remission, but virtually every
cancer patient who goes into remission eventually comes out of
remission and later dies.

Incredibly, doctors use radiation, the third fire truck, even after
the cancer has started to spread. They are interested in shrinking a
tumor. As mentioned above, the tumor is not the problem, it is the
spreading of the cancer that is the problem.

About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative medicine vendors, practitioners and consultants fall
into one of three categories.

First, there are experts in alternative cancer treatments who care
about the cancer patients they work with. These people may or may
not make their living working with cancer patients. Some of them
make a lot of money treating cancer successfully and others make
virtually nothing. But the common thread is that they care about
the cancer patients and do a very good job working with them!! 

Second, there are vendors who mean well, and would like to help
cancer patients, but simply don’t know how to help them. They may
be selling one product line and simply don’t know anything outside
of that product line.

Third, are the con artists who couldn’t care less about any patient
because they are only in it for the money.

Fortunately, the first category has quite a few people in it!!

Mother Nature obviously fits in the first category!! It is just a
matter of finding the best of the best products from Mother Nature
and those people who know how to use those products!!

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