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Case Study of Scientific Corruption...Big Pharma.


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The Dr. Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling, PhD Vitamin C Experiment

Linus Pauling is one of the few people in history who has won two Nobel
Prizes and is the only person to have won two unshared Nobel Prizes. He lived
well into his 90s. Here is a quote from an interview with him:

    "I became interested in vitamin C and cancer in 1971 and began working
with Ewan Cameron, M.B., Ch.B., chief surgeon at Vale of Leven Hospital in
Scotland. Cameron gave 10 grams of vitamin C a day to patients with
untreatable, terminal cancer. These patients were then compared by Cameron
and me to patients with the same kind of cancer at the same terminal stage
who were being treated in the same hospital but by other doctors--doctors who
didn't give vitamin C, but instead just gave conventional treatments.

    Cameron's terminal cancer patients lived far longer compared to the ones
who didn't get 10 grams a day of vitamin C. The other patients lived an
average of six months after they were pronounced terminal, while Cameron's
patients lived an average of about six years.

    More recently I've been collaborating with Hoffer, a physician in
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Hoffer has treated 300 cancer patients
and has recommended to all of them essentially the same treatment [as
Cameron]. But about a quarter or a third of the patients didn't follow the
treatment for one reason or another: The family doctor might have said that
those high doses of vitamins would kill them, or the patient might have had a
stomach upset and not wanted to continue taking the vitamins.

    The terminal cancer patients who didn't follow Hoffer's regimen had a
survival time of only about six months. But the ones who followed Hoffer's
therapy have done even better than Cameron's patients. On the average they
lived about 12 years after being pronounced terminal with untreatable cancer.

    Hoffer's regimen includes 12 grams of vitamin C per day, about the same
as Cameron's. But it also includes significant amounts of other nutrients:
800 units of vitamin E, 1,000 or 2,000 mg of niacin, large amounts of the
other B vitamins and vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. Apparently the
other vitamins cooperate with the vitamin C to give even greater control over

(Warning: Do not even think about going on a Vitamin C 

treatment program

until you have read my entire tutorial on alternative treatments for cancer.)
Actually, there were multiple experiments done by Cameron and Pauling. Their
treatment protocol was very simple:

1) Pick cancer patients who were diagnosed as terminal,
2) Who had never had chemotherapy or radiation (there were exceptions),
3) Give them 10 grams (or more) of liquid Vitamin C every day (instead of
chemotherapy) (note: these days people use crystal Vitamin C or pills),
4) For the rest of their lives,
5) Then measure how long they live.

It's a pretty simple protocol. A high school student could easily follow
their protocol. The results of their experiments were also very simple, the
patients who took Vitamin C lived several times longer than patients who took
orthodox treatments with chemotherapy and radiation. Some of their patients
(remember all of their patients were considered terminal) went into complete
remission, just using Vitamin C.

Their studies were designed to compare a Vitamin C treatment protocol,
without chemotherapy and radiation, to a typical orthodox protocol using
chemotherapy and radiation.

Note that they did not use a tricky statistic, such as determining what
percentage of the patients lived for one year, but rather they measured how
long each patient lived.

Their experiments proved beyond reasonable doubt that Vitamin C is a superior
treatment for terminal patients versus orthodox therapy. Excuse me for
stating the obvious, but if it is a superior treatment for terminal patients,
then it is a superior treatment, instead of orthodox treatments, for the vast
majority of cancer patients.

Orthodox treatments are extremely painful, destroy a person's immune system,
destroy their vital organs, and have a whole slew of other painful and
dangerous side-effects. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that: is completely
painless, builds the immune system and adds quality time and quantity time to
the life of terminal cancer patients.

So you might wonder, since these studies were done many years ago, why do
doctors today use toxic chemotherapy instead of Vitamin C, and the other
vitamins of Hoffer?

Big Pharma's Reaction To Cameron and Pauling

Well, it turns out that Big Pharma was not happy with Linus Pauling and Dr.
Cameron. It was time for damage control. There was a smear campaign to
discredit Dr. Pauling that continues to this day. The reason is that the
patients who took Vitamin C did not take chemotherapy. Thus, Big Pharma did
not stand to profit from the extended lives of these patients. In fact, Big
Pharma did not stand to profit from these patients at all.

Now you know why Big Pharma has been attacking Vitamin C and Linus Pauling
for many years. If cancer patients took mega doses of Vitamin C, instead of
chemotherapy, they would live longer and have far less pain. I will translate
that into something a businessman can understand: less "earnings per share"
for Big Pharma.

The truth about what Cameron and Pauling had discovered had to be crushed.
But since the studies were already published, and because Pauling was already
world-famous, what was Big Pharma going to do? The answer was to conduct
bogus studies which came to different conclusions. But how can a scientific
study follow the same treatment protocol and come to a different conclusion?

It can't. However, what can be done is to refuse to follow the same protocol
and use very fancy statistical tricks. That is exactly what happened.

But who would do such a bogus study, the treatment protocol was so simple an
idiot could have followed it? You track down a doctor known to hate
alternative medicine, one Dr. Moertel of the Mayo Clinic.

In response to the success of the Cameron/Pauling studies, the NIH funded a
totally bogus "study" at the Mayo Clinic on Vitamin C that did not even
remotely follow the same patient selection protocol or the same treatment
protocol. Of course since they made no attempt to replicate the Cameron and
Pauling study, they did not get the same results. Was the protocol too
complicated for them to follow?

When Cameron and Pauling complained that the study was so overtly and grossly
bogus (this ridiculous study was actually published in a major medical
journal - the New England Journal of Medicine), a second bogus "study" was
commissioned by the same NIH. You might call this: "a bogus study replacement
technique" for Big Pharma and corrupt scientists. Needless to say, the Mayo
Clinic again refused to follow the simple treatment protocol and again they
did not obtain the same results. There was even a third study, and guess
what, again they did not follow the same treatment protocol and did not get
the same results (Note: technically this third study was done by a different
group, but this group was affiliated with the Mayo Clinic). Do you see a
pattern here?

The fact of the matter is, the doctors at the Mayo Clinic knew the
Cameron/Pauling protocol worked and they knew that if they followed their
protocols they would have come to the same results. So they never did follow
their protocols and obviously never did replicate their results. The most
educational thing about their studies was the incredible statistical tricks
they used to avoid the truth.

Not only did Hoffer follow the Cameron/Pauling protocols, but a Japanese
study also replicated their selection and treatment protocols and also
replicated their results! Four totally independent studies (two by Cameron)
used the same treatment protocol and got the same results. Three bogus
studies at Mayo Clinic did not use the same treatment protocol and did not
get the same results.

The Mayo Clinic studies were done specifically to discredit the work of two-
time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. Linus Pauling was getting people to
believe there was "scientific evidence" for Vitamin C, and he had to be
stopped. It is totally unacceptable (from the viewpoint of Big Pharma) for
our corrupt government to allow any scientific evidence for alternative
treatments of cancer. Because there was scientific evidence for Vitamin C,
and because they could not shut-up a two-time Nobel Prize winner, there had
to be bogus studies designed to divert people's attention from the valid
studies. Once the bogus studies were finished, the media could then take over
the suppression of truth and immediately start blacklisting the valid

A Little Logic

Which of these seven studies do all government agencies, quackwatch, the BC
Cancer Agency, American Cancer Society, ad nauseum, depend on to justify the
use of chemotherapy instead of mega doses of Vitamin C? Duh. They quote the
three Mayo Clinic studies and complain that Pauling and Cameron did not know
what they were doing. In other words, the Mayo Clinic refused to follow the
simple protocol, and it was Cameron and Pauling's fault! Hmmm.

Did you follow all of that? Let me summarize it this way:

Group A (Cameron and Pauling) found that Vitamin C extends the lives of
terminal cancer patients several-fold. Group B (Hoffer and the Japanese),
using the same protocol as Group A, confirmed their findings. Group C (the
Mayo Clinic), which said they were going to test the validity of the Group A
study, did not use the same selection protocol or treatment protocol as Group
A, and obviously did not replicate their results. Group A complained that
Group C made absolutely no attempt to use the same treatment protocol as
Group A. Thus, Group C did a second study, and again did not follow Group A's
protocols, and again did not replicate their results. This happened a third
time. Group D (quackwatch, etc.) then comes along, and claims that Group C
knew what they were doing and that the studies of Group A and Group B were

Now you know what is going on in medicine. The treatment protocol is
irrelevant to scientists who defend Big Pharma, they are only interested in
making sure Vitamin C doesn't look good because Vitamin C is not profitable
to Big Pharma.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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