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For Those on Prescription Drugs!


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If you are on ANY prescription drugs,  


or even over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin, you should check with your
pharmacist or doctor to see if there is apotential problem with using natural
foods or natural supplements with yourprescription drugs. A problem can occur:

1) when one substance negates another substance, or
2) when one substance interferes with another substance, or
3) when one substance enhances the effectiveness of another.

For example, enhancing a prescription or over-the-counter drug can be just as
dangerous as blocking their actions. It is impossible for this website to
keep track of all possible conflicts. This warning is especially important
for drugs that are being used as heart medications (such as hypertension
drugs), blood thinners or pain medications (to name but three categories).

Sometimes it is prescription drugs that interfere with alternative medicines.

There is one very rare situation where a conflict can be directly fatal,
the combination of tranquilizers with hydrazine sulphate.

If you are on a blood thinner, you should not take proteolytic enzymes as
part of your alternative cancer treatment. Proteolytic enzymes are also blood

It is common when talking to a cancer treatment vendor to accidentally forget
to mention something. For example, if someone is talking to Larry of Essense
of Life and forgets to mention they are on a blood thinner, there could be
problems because his complete protocol (as well as most complete protocols)
include proteolytic enzymes (also called: pancreatic enzymes). This could
happen because the cancer patient, or their representative, didn't know it
was important and the vendor forgot to ask. However, it is likely part of the
instructions that come with the protocol.

The point is that a cancer patient, or their representative, should continue
to study and read even after the treatment begins. In my dealings with cancer
patients I have run into many cases where a dangerous supplement (for the
situation) was being used and no one knew about it. This is more likely to
happen when a patient, or their representative, designs the treatment. But it
can happen with any treatment.

If you are on blood pressure medication you need to buy your own blood
pressure monitor. Take your blood pressure at least twice a day. If your
blood pressure drops too low, quit taking your prescription drug for blood
pressure. Continue to monitor your blood pressure. Many alternative cancer
treatments contain supplements that lower blood pressure.

Many cancer patients are on more than a dozen prescription drugs. It is
difficult, if not impossible, to accurately transition from being on several
prescription drugs to a pure alternative cancer treatment.

Having said all of these things, let's be logical. 

If you are Stage IV, thechances of you surviving your cancer without alternative
cancer treatments isVIRTUALLY ZERO. If you take both prescription drugs and
alternative cancertreatments, you are in a paradoxical situation. Here are two of
the severalpossible options:

1) the combination can do severe damage and shorten your life or
2) the alternative cancer treatment can cure you.

Does it make sense to do the best you can at avoiding conflicts, but at the
same time make sure you are using an alternative cancer treatment strong
enough to maximize your chances of survival? The only hope you have of
surviving is with alternative cancer treatments. Do the best you can at
preventing conflicts, but stick with the potent alternative treatments.

I liken this to a person who is drowning in the middle of a large pond. A
person standing on the side of the pond knows they cannot swim to the person
in time to save them. The only thing available to the person to throw to the
drowning person is a large branch. But the person on the bank thinks about it
and says to himself: "If the large branch hits the person on the head it will
kill them." That may be true, but if the large branch is not thrown to the
person, the person will drown. Thus, the only possible way the person can be
saved is to throw the large branch.

Likewise, orthodox medicine cannot save a person's life after the cancer has
spread beyond what they can cut out. Thus, the only hope to save the person
is with alternative cancer treatments.

If You are Currently On Chemotherapy

Almost all alternative cancer treatments can be used by someone still on
chemotherapy. However, there are two alternative cancer treatments that are
very effective for those on chemotherapy. One of them is the Cesium Chloride
/ DMSO Protocol and the other is the Tony Isaacs Oleander Protocol.

Fortunately, both of these are Stage IV treatments and will be discussed
later in this article.

If You are Contemplating Chemotherapy

Many families of cancer patients insist the cancer patient be treated by a
medical doctor and that the medical doctor uses chemotherapy.

Fortunately, there is an alternative cancer treatment which fits this
description. Thus, both the family and the cancer patient can be made happy
at the same time.

In fact, the chemotherapy treatment, administered by an M.D., is a superb
treatment!! It is the Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). It combines very
low doses of chemotherapy with insulin.

Be sure you do NOT tell the rest of your family it uses very low dose
chemotherapy (i.e. 1/10th the normal amount).

Why do they use very low doses of chemotherapy? The reason is that the
insulin opens up the cell membranes of cancer cells so that the chemotherapy
will target the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells alone. Because this
treatment allows chemotherapy to target cancer cells, very low doses of
chemotherapy are used and there are virtually zero side-effects. It uses
about 1/10th as much chemotherapy as a normal chemotherapy treatment, but
more importantly it allows the chemotherapy to target cancer cells, thus
eliminating side-effects.

The reason I mention this is because some families of a cancer patient insist
the person use a medical doctor and chemotherapy. Fine, use IPT. IPT is one
of the orthodox cancer treatments which can cure cancer. Orthodox medicine
does not allow its use in most states so you may have to do some traveling.

Article on Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)will appear, 

here, as the next article.

There is an even better orthodox cancer treatment than IPT which uses
chemotherapy; but it is not allowed in any state. In fact, the last medical
doctor to use it was raided and shut down by the FDA.

Also, note that some of the German cancer clinics use hyperthermia with very
low doses of chemotherapy. They are another option for families which insist
on chemotherapy. A link to a list of clinics will be given later in this

When To use Radiation and Surgery

Generally speaking, there is no reason for surgery, however, there are
situations where it is critical. These situations are generally when a tumor
is blocking, or potentially blocking, the flow of bile or an artery or the
flow of some other fluid. In these cases, surgery may be required. Follow the
advice of your medical doctors when key fluids in the body may be in danger
of being blocked. This includes the total blockage of the colon or stomach.

Do not depend on alternative cancer treatments to reverse inevitable 

blockage of key fluids.

Likewise, generally speaking, there is no justification for radiation. But
again, there are times when it is essential. These cases generally involve
inflammation and pressure in the brain.

When there is pressure inside the brain, it can literally slow down and
eventually block the heart from beating. Obviously, if the heart stops
beating, or slows down to the point it is dangerous, this can be fatal.

In these cases, medical doctors will normally give steroids and/or radiation
to reduce the swelling. Follow their advice.

Do not depend on alternative cancer treatments to reverse existing or
potential swelling and inflammation in the brain.

In fact, many alternative cancer treatments will increase swelling and
inflammation in the brain. Be very aware of this issue if you are dealing
with brain cancer. Any cancer patient with brain cancer should take their
heart rate at least twice a day - period!!

The good news is that there are alternative cancer treatments which will not
increase swelling and inflammation in the brain. Discussions on indiviudal
alternative cancer treatments will mention which ones do or do not cause
additional swelling and inflammation in the brain.

Thank You R. Webster Kehr

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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