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A cancer diagnosis can be downright terrifying.


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This Major Risk Could Be More Dangerous than Cancer Itself

    And then, almost without pause, come rounds of treatments. And in
millions of cases, it's a false alarm, a wrong diagnosis… a physically and
emotionally draining event that can do terrible damage to body, mind and

    That's why the some of the top dogs in the cancer industry now want to
change the definition of cancer…

    They woke up and discovered that too many people were being misdiagnosed
and given treatments they don't need. Read on…

Have we finally identified the REAL enemy in the war on cancer?

    A new report by the National Cancer Institute confirms what many of us in
the alternative cancer care world have been saying for years…

    The famous "war on cancer" has been targeting the wrong enemy — and you
may become a victim of friendly fire.

    In late July, a National Cancer Institute report published by JAMA online
made the shocking statement that benign or premalignant conditions should no
longer be called cancer.

    This includes low-risk lesions like DCIS -- ductal carcinoma in situ, a
breast condition we wrote about in Issue #154. We were already warning our
readers back then that it was nothing to worry about. We called it "zero
stage cancer" — in other words, not cancer at all

    HGPIN is another condition that — suddenly -- is no longer defined as
cancer. HGPIN stands for high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia, a
prostate condition diagnosed in millions of men and then over-treated.

    These are normally non-invasive conditions that don't require treatment
at all — let alone the aggressive treatment they're often given. They aren't
the enemy after all.

    As readers of this newsletter know, we've often questioned the use of
repeated, cancer-causing x-ray breast screenings and potentially misleading
PSA tests. They cause a great deal of needless fear and painful over-
treatment. And it turns out the emotional terror can do you great harm.

The War on Cancer: A bunch of hot air...This new study has grave 

implications, such as:

    Millions have received so-called life-saving early diagnosis, followed by
rounds of needless and damaging treatment — especially women with DCIS and
men with HGPIN.

    Will these folks now be reclassified as victims of iatrogenesis (medical
treatment gone wrong) with full rights to sue? (Iatrogenesis is defined as
harm caused by medical treatment or by medical practitioners, and may include
negligence, improper sanitation, medical error, misdiagnosis, drug adverse
effects or interactions, and more.)

    Anyone who is screened for cancer needs to reconsider the recommended
treatment plan in light of this new definition of cancer. It's important to
remember that the likelihood of a false positive over a 10-year period is
already higher than 50 percent if you do annual breast screening. But if all
doctors now give "stage zero cancer" a different name, it will become even
more frightening to be told cancer is in stages one through four. I wouldn't
hold my breath on all doctors applying the proposed standard universally
though, even if it's accepted.

    The money-grubbing, publicity-hungry pink-ribbon industry may be forced
to rebrand its message, as it has propagated false ideas about cancer and has
promoted the over-diagnosis and overtreatment of millions of women.

    There's no doubt that the practice of oncology in the U.S. (and many
other parts of the world) needs major reform.

"Treatment" can make your cancer cells 30 times more malignant

    The current rash of over-diagnoses stems from the fact that these "cancers"
are by and large slow-growing ones with no symptoms. They would
almost never progress to harmful status if left alone and ignored. Keep in
mind, the medical establishment has a motive for diagnosing phony cancers
andthen "curing" them (besides the money): It helps pad the statistics for
survivors and survival rates. How easy it is to survive a cancer that wasn't
a cancer!

    In fact, it's the fast-growing tumors that are much more challenging to
detect early. And this might surprise you: Even in those cases, many of them
would never progress to a lethal state.

    What's worse… certain of these tumors are enhanced and become 

more malignant because of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

    UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers recently found that
radiation therapy transforms breast cancer cells into highly malignant cancer
cells — with 30 times higher malignancy after radiation treatments.

    What they found is that even when radiation kills half the tumor cells,
the surviving ones become resistant to treatment. So, radiation cuts the
total cancer cell population, giving the false impression that the treatment
is working… when in reality it increases the percentage of highly malignant
cells that can lead to treatment-induced death.

    This means it's not only possible you never had cancer in the first
place, but now the treatment is causing cancer cells to proliferate inside
your body. Talk about a double whammy.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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