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Now compare that with a study published at about the same time,

You will find the good doctors book, "Cancer Research Secrets"... 

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Now compare that with a study published at about the same time,

of the newly approved drug Gemcitabine. Of 126 patients with pancreatic
cancer not a single patient lived longer than 19 months and yet that was
considered a “successful” drug. It’s being sold today as the “proper”
treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Well, if faced with disaster, I wouldn’t take Gemcitabine. I’d want 

the 45-81%  option, not the 0% option, wouldn’t you?

I hope you are getting the picture here! Do not listen to the propaganda
about conventional treatment. It comes nowhere near the success rate of
certain properly run alternative therapies. Yet they call their methods
science. They claim alternatives are “not scientific” or “not proven” or

PullQuote_4b.gif 12080x12849Ha! What could be more dangerous than
chemo and radiation? The whole reason it works (if ever it does) is they
stop JUSTSHORT of killing you, while killing the tumor. We call that the
toxicitymargin or “therapeutic index” and it really is as crude as I just
explained it (it’s meaured by the dose it takes to kill exactly 50% of the study

If you are involved with cancer, or concerned in any way through family or
friends, you need to act. As I said, we are ALL facing this issue at some
time or other, so you had better be concerned.

You need this life-saving information. Everyone around you needs it. Cancer
Research Secrets is your easy-to-read, informative guide. If I do say so
myself, I just happen to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals on.

Earth about alternative medicine.

Is chemotherapy EVER the right choice?

Let me address that vexed question of whether it’s ever a good idea to opt
for chemo or radiation. I understand this dilemma that patients sometimes
face. At times it can be frightening, with the feeling that if you make a
wrong choice, it could be the end…CRSCover-click-here.png 300x402

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I don’t tell you not to go the orthodox
route. That’s just irresponsible. You get that from amateur fools on the
Internet who just go “Oh, I can’t believe it! You’re doing chemo?” as if it
were a dirty vice.

People do survive who have chemo. Some live the rest of their natural lives.

But it is RISKY; there is no getting round that. If it doesn’t work, it
screws up your other options, by poisoning the immune system and other
defences you vitally need to beat off cancer naturally.

So to help you with this awful dilemma, I spend a lot of time in Cancer
Research Secrets telling you what you can do to protect yourself against
chemo and radiation.

My own patients who opted for chemo didn’t even lose their hair! But they did
beat the disease.

And no, vitamins and other alternatives won’t affect conventional cancer
treatments. That’s just a scare story put about by oncologists who don’t like
competition. I will tell you the truth on that claim too—direct from the most
up-to-date scientific studies (page 14).

And that brings me to another point.

You’re not buying into a bunch of opinions, fluffy pink thoughts or the
“wish” that it would all come out right. I’m not into fairy stories.
Everything I write is based on direct experience and years of studying
scientific papers.

As I said, I’ve done the grunt work. Now all you have to do is get this
manual and read it. You can get a fast education in cancer and how to survive
it from right there in your armchair (better switch the TV off, though).

Now it is my duty to point out that people recover using conventional
therapies too. Survival stories abound of those who have been through the
horrors of chemotherapy and radiation, feeling sick, vomiting, losing their
hair... but they lived! It’s not nice but it does sometimes work.

So my book is NOT about persuading you that you shouldn’t do chemo. It is
about telling you what your choices are. Because nobody is going to tell you,
if you don’t find out for yourself. I have assembled masses of information
about the many options you have. But it’s not overwhelming. I haven’t gone
into the nitpicky detail, like what doses of vitamins you should take, and
that sort of thing.

I give you the overall picture, the business plan instead of the detailed
invoice, if you like to think of it that way.

Your Safety Guarantee

You’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase. Otherwise just ask for
your money back — anytime within 12 months of your purchase. I’ll send you a
refund at once, with no quibbles.

You can be in no doubt what my guide is about, what it covers and what value
it has to you. It’s one of the VERY FEW written by a recognized,
authoritative MD with direct experience of treating cancers with alternative

I no longer run an office but you can benefit from my vast experience, now,

So it’s time to buy Cancer Research Secrets, your ultimate Special Report on
state-of-the-art, up-to-date cures for cancer...

With kindest regards,

Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB, ChB, PhD


A word from the publisher, Lee Euler: “Cancer Research Secrets” is a good
friendly read.

Your author is an internationally-acclaimed MD professor, who has been a
leader in alternative medicine since the late 1970s.

He’s used a great many of the therapies he writes about with over 10,000
patients and spent time with other cancer MD colleagues observing their

It’s a living, breathing work that will grow through time. You can have
lifetime updates; no need to pay again, just download the latest version!

So don’t delay! Order your personal copy now.

You will find the good doctors book, "Cancer Research Secrets"... 

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments...


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