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As You Get Older....


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As You Get Older, Growth Hormone Levels Can Affect Your Fat Deposits

    Many tend to gain weight as they approach middle age, and if you don't
stay physically active, you also start losing muscle mass around age 40.

Overall, you start burning fewer calories as your body shifts from building
muscle to storing more fat. This is in part caused by what’s known as
"somatopause" — the decline of your body's hormone production as you age,
which includes dwindling production of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH
actually starts declining rapidly after age 21, so by the time you hit your
40’s, your levels can be quite low, contributing to these stubborn fat

    The amount of HGH you secrete depends on how much lean body mass and
belly fat you have. The more belly fat you have, the less HGH your body
produces. Some resort to HGH injections to maintain youthful levels.
According to,5 HGH injections are now also
considered a “revolutionary” way to reduce cellulite. But there are
significant drawbacks to HGH injections, both biological and financial.

    As discussed above, there are at least three different ways you can
elevate your HGH levels naturally, either alone or in combination. Each of
these can very effectively boost HGH production, and when combined I have no
doubt it can rival or even surpass injections, but without any of the
associated health risks or cost:

        Intermittent fasting
        High intensity interval training (HIIT)
        Acceleration Training

Even a Mini Trampoline—or Rebounding—Can Help Improve Cellulite

    Acceleration training works by increasing the acceleration or the force
of gravity on your body. To a lesser degree, a mini trampoline will also
increase the G forces on your body and provide similar, yet less extreme,
benefits. A mini trampoline or rebounder subjects your body to gravitational
pulls ranging from zero at the top of each bounce to 2 to 3 times the force
of gravity at the bottom, depending on how high you jump. And, unlike jogging
on hard surfaces which stresses your ankles and knees, rebounding helps
protect against this stress so it’s easy on the joints.

    Some of the benefits rebounding offers include circulating oxygen and
nutrients to tissues and organs, and promoting increased muscle strength.
It’s an option you can use if the cost of a vibration platform such as the
Power Plate is prohibitive. Acceleration Training on a high-quality machine
will definitely offer more powerful benefits though, and some gyms do have
them, so it’s worth checking around.

Tying it All Together...

    Foods high in sugars and carbs, damaged fats (think trans fats) and
processed salt are all dietary contributors to cellulite, so addressing your
diet should be your first step. My optimized Nutrition Plan can help you do
that with the least amount of fuss as it takes you step by step through the
changes, from beginners to advanced.

    It’s important to realize that dietary carbohydrates, especially
fructose, are the primary source of a substance called glycerol-3-phosphate
(g-3-p), which actually causes fat to become fixed in fat tissue. High carb
intake also raises your insulin levels, which prevents fat from being
released, so sugars and grains are really at the root of stubborn fat

    In short, you’ll want to avoid processed foods, as they are loaded with
fructose and highly processed fats and salt. Keep in mind that for every gram
of excess sodium chloride your body has to neutralize, it uses up 23 grams of
cellular water. Hence, eating too much common processed salt will cause fluid
to accumulate in your tissues, which can also contribute to unsightly

    Instead, focus your diet on whole, ideally organic and locally grown
foods, healthful fats such as butter, eggs, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil
and nuts, and grass-fed or pastured animal protein. If you want to add salt,
make sure to use unprocessed natural salt, such as Himalayan salt, which
contains about 86 different essential minerals and will not cause the same
detrimental health effects as processed salt—especially if you’re eating a
diet high in vegetables, as this will ensure a healthy sodium to potassium

    Eating this way will help you transition from being a sugar burner to
burning fat as your primary fuel, which is key for lasting weight loss and
optimal health. However, do not attempt fasting if your diet still consists
mainly of processed foods as proper nutrition becomes even more important at
that stage. Next, revise your exercise regimen to include some high intensity
interval exercises, and consider Acceleration Training to further boost
results—especially if you want to tackle cellulite.

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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