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Argentina—A Poster Child for the Health Hazards of GMO Crops


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    Roundup Ready soy

is now being cultivated on a massive scale across the globe,along with the
exponentially increasing use of the herbicide Roundup.

Monsanto's "Roundup Ready" soy beans are genetically modified to survive
otherwise lethal doses of glyphosate, the active ingredient in the company's
herbicide Roundup.

    It's a win-win for Monsanto. But it's a loss for just about everyone
else. Not to mention a health hazard for the environment, and the animals and
humans that eat these crops.

Argentina’s Bad Seeds

    One of the countries most affected by genetically engineered soy is
Argentina, whose population is being sickened by massive spraying of
herbicides. Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, is blamed for the
dramatic increase in devastating birth defects as well as cancer.

    In the film People and Power — Argentina: 

The Bad Seeds, film maker GlennEllis investigates the destructive and health-
harming trends associated withthe burgeoning use of genetically engineered soy.

    In Cordoba, he speaks to Alternative Nobel Laureate Professor Raul
Montenegro about the problems associated with excessive pesticide use.

        “Montenegro, a world-renowned biologist, looked the part of a
pioneer, in a khaki shirt and jungle boots. 'I have pesticide in me, he said,
almost as soon as he opened the door. Here we all have pesticide in our
bodies because the land is saturated with it. And it is a huge problem. In
Argentina biodiversity is diminishing. Even in national parks, because
pesticides don’t recognize the limit of the park,” Ellis writes.1

    More than 18 million hectares in Argentina are covered by genetically
engineered soy, on which more than 300 million liters of pesticides are
sprayed. Studies strongly suggest that the glyphosate these crops are doused
with can cause cancer and birth deformities; both of which are occurring at
increasing rates in areas where spraying is done.

    Sterility and miscarriages are also increasing. Experts warn that in 10
to 15 years, rates of cancer, infertility and endocrine dysfunction could
reach catastrophic levels in Argentina.

Birth Malformation Skyrocketing in Agricultural Centers of Argentina

    Ellis also met with Dr. Medardo Vasquez, the neonatal specialist who
heads up the Children’s Hospital in Cordoba. Dr. Vasquez tells him:

        “I see new-born infants, many of whom are malformed. I have to tell
parents that their children are dying because of these agricultural methods.
In some areas in Argentina the primary cause of death for children less than
one year old is malformations.”

    Ellis is also shown a chart of two steeply climbing graphs, rising in
tandem with each other — one representing the increase in soya plantations
over the last 15 years; the other the rise in birth defects across the
province during that same time. In the village of Malvinas Argentinas, which
is surrounded by soy plantations, the rate of miscarriage is 100 times the
national average, courtesy of glyphosate.

    Aside from chemical spraying, silos containing genetically engineered
crops is another contributing factor. The chemically treated crop produces
contaminated dust, which is then ventilated outdoors without filtration,
where it is carried with the winds and breathed by the local residents.

    Despite all the evidence to the contrary, 

Monsanto still maintains its innocence. In a written statement to Ellis, the
company said:

        “Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides 

have a long history of safeuse when used according to label directions in more
than 100 countries aroundthe world. Comprehensive toxicological studies have
 demonstrated thatglyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup® branded agricultural
herbicides, does not cause birth defects or reproductive problems.”

Stunning Report Illustrates Nutritional Deficiencies and Hazards of GMO Corn

    In related news, a report given to MomsAcrossAmerica2 by an employee of
De Dell Seed Company (Canada's only non-GMO corn seed company) offers a
stunning picture of the nutritional differences between GMO and non-GMO corn.

Clearly, the former is NOT equivalent to the latter, which is the verypremise by
which genetically engineered crops were approved in the first place. Here are a
small sampling of the nutritional differences found in this2012 nutritional analysis:

        Calcium: GMO corn = 14 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 6,130 ppm (437 times
        Magnesium: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 113 ppm (56 times more)
        Manganese: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 14 ppm (7 times more)

    GMO corn was also found to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate, compared to zero
in non-GMO corn. The EPA standard for glyphosate in American water supplies
is 0.7 ppm. In Europe, the maximum allowable level in water is 0.2 ppm. Organ
damage in animals has occurred at levels as low as 0.1 ppm... GMO corn was
also found to contain extremely high levels of formaldehyde. According to Dr.
Huber, at least one study found that 0.97 ppm of ingested formaldehyde was
toxic to animals. GMO corn contains a staggering 200 times that amount!

Perhaps it’s no wonder that animals, when given a choice, avoid genetically
engineered feed like the plague.

GE Crops are NOT the 'Most Tested' Product in the World

    It’s important to realize that genetically engineered (GE) foods have
never been proven safe for human consumption over a lifetime, let alone over
generations. Monsanto and its advocates claim genetically engineered crops
are “the most-tested food product that the world has ever seen.” What they
don’t tell you is that:

        Industry-funded research predictably affects the outcome of the
trial. This has been verified by dozens of scientific reviews comparing
funding with the findings of the study. When industry funds the research,
it’s virtually guaranteed to be positive. Therefore, independent studies must
be done to replicate and thus verify results

        The longest industry-funded animal feeding study was 90 days, which
recent research has confirmed is FAR too short. In the world’s first
independently funded lifetime feeding study, massive health problems set in
during and after the 13th month, including organ damage and cancer

        Companies like Monsanto and Syngenta rarely if ever allow independent
researchers access to their patented seeds, citing the legal protection these
seeds have under patent laws. Hence independent research is extremely
difficult or nearly impossible to conduct. If these scientists get seeds from
a farmer, they sue them into oblivion as one of their favorite tactics is to
use the legal system to their advantage. Additionally, virtually all academic
agricultural research is controlled by Monsanto as they are the primary
supporters of these departments and none will risk losing their funding from

        There is no safety monitoring. Meaning, once the GE item in question
has been approved, not a single country on earth is actively monitoring and
tracking reports of potential health effects

Why Did President Obama Sign Monsanto Protection into Law?

    In a move that has stunned and angered many Americans, President Barack
Obama recently signed into law a spending bill that included a devastating
provision that puts Monsanto above the law. As reported by Salon Magazine:

        “That bill, the HR 933 continuing resolution, was mainly aimed at
averting a government shutdown and ensuring that the federal government would
continue to be able to pay its bills for the next six months. But food and
public safety advocates and independent farmers are furious that Obama signed
it despite its inclusion of language that they consider to be a gift to

Monsanto Company and other firms that produce genetically modified organisms
(GMOs) or genetically engineered (GE) seeds and crops.

        The protests come on the heels of a massive petition campaign
organized by the advocacy group Food Democracy Now, which gathered the
signatures of more than 200,000 people who wanted Obama to veto HR 933 in
order to stop Section 735 — the so-called 'Monsanto Protection Act' — from
being codified into law. But Obama ignored it, instead choosing to sign a
bill that effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or
planting of GMO or GE crops and seeds, no matter what health consequences
from the consumption of these products may come to light in the future.”

    The provision, innocently called the “Farmer Assurance Provision,” which
opponents have dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act,” limits the ability of
judges to stop Monsanto and/or farmers growing their genetically engineered
seeds from growing or harvesting those crops, even if courts find evidence of
potential health risks. In essence, it strips judges of their constitutional
mandate to protect you and the environment, and permits biotech companies
unrivaled freedom to plant untested GE crops regardless of the risks, and
leaves victims — be it farmers or consumers — without legal recourse.

        “...those who are angry at Obama for signing the bill are also

incensed with Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., who is accused of failing to give
the amendment that inserted the language a proper hearing,” Salon writes.

        “In this hidden backroom deal, Sen. Mikulski turned her back on
consumer, environmental and farmer protection in favor of corporate welfare
for biotech companies such as Monsanto,” Andrew Kimbrell, executive director
of the Center for Food Safety, said in a statement. “This abuse of power is
not the kind of leadership the public has come to expect from Sen. Mikulski
or the Democrat Majority in the Senate.”

    Not surprisingly, Monsanto’s fingerprints are all over this. One of the
rider’s biggest supporters, Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) allegedly worked with
Monsanto to craft the language in the bill. Blunt recently told Politico:

        “What it says is if you plant a crop that is legal to plant when you
plant it, you get to harvest it. But it is only a one-year protection in that

    While that may lull some back into apathy, you should be aware that a
“mere” one-year protection can equate to millions of dollars worth of profit
for Monsanto and other biotech companies. And that’s not even addressing the
more disturbing aspect of it, which is the suspension of constitutional
principles in favor of corporate benefit. It’s completely outrageous, and
there is no excuse good enough. It also sets a dangerous precedent that will
undoubtedly be misused and abused to the fullest down the line.

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