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A famous "Old Natural Cancer Remedy" is still one of the best.



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Tea for "C"...The Big "C".

       One of the best-known alternative cancer answers is called Essiac tea.
Even people who don't know much about alternative medicine sometimes know
about Essiac. It's the kind of thing people tell their friends. It's been the
subject of many books, articles, TV programs, radio shows and websites.

       I first learned about Essiac a couple of years ago when I first got
involved in researching alternative cancer treatments. I could see right away
it was the real deal. And that's saying something in this business where
there are dozens of dubious medicines.

       Thousands of cancer patients have used Essiac tea successfully for
about 80 years. Many of them got pain relief, extra years of life and in some
cases full, 100% remission. It's almost totally safe -- as even its critics
have to admit (more on this in a minute).

       The woman who pioneered the treatment in the 1920s conducted
scientific tests and based her claims on decades of clinical experience with
cancer patients.

JFK's personal physician cured himself with Essiac

       President John F. Kennedy's personal physician and trusted friend,
Charles Brusch, M.D., provided Essiac at his Massachusetts clinic.

       In 1990 Dr. Brusch signed an affidavit describing his experiences with
Essiac: "Clinically, on patients suffering from pathologically proven cancer,
it reduced pain and caused a recession in the growth. Patients gained weight
and showed a great improvement in their general health. . .Remarkably
beneficial results were obtained even on those cases at the 'end of the road'
where it proved to prolong life and the 'quality' of life."

       Dr. Brusch added something especially important: "I endorse this
therapy even today for I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site
of which was the lower bowel, through Essiac tea alone."

       I don't know about you, but I like it when doctors practice what they
preach. That's quite a difference from conventional American cancer doctors.
Many say in private they'd never use chemotherapy on themselves or their

The first remedies I learned about are still among the best

       Dr. Morton Walker included Essiac as one of his top ten picks in
"Natural Cancer Remedies that Work". This Special Report was the first one we
published. It was a great success and enabled us to keep going and publish
more reports including Cancer Defeated, Cancer Breakthrough USA and The
Missing Ingredient for Good Health.

       Considering we were new to cancer reporting, Dr. Walker was a lucky
find. I've learned a lot about alternative cancer treatments that I didn't
know a couple of years ago when we were pulling together Dr. Walker's report,
but his ten treatments in Natural Cancer Remedies would still be at the top
of my personal list.

       That's amazing when you consider there are hundreds of alternative
cancer treatments, ranging from excellent to worthless. Even when people mean
well, it's easy to go wrong. Dr. Walker is a peach, and we're indebted to him
for being our first teacher on this subject.

       The Number One treatment in "Natural Cancer Remedies that Work" is a
therapy called hyperthermia. I'd insist on it if I had cancer. I wouldn't go
to a clinic that didn't offer hyperthermia.

       The evidence for it is overwhelming. It's used extensively in clinics
outside the U.S. What's more, it's safe and noninvasive. You'll learn more in
the report if you decide to buy it. And of course you'll get all the details
on nine other top therapies including Essiac.

What is Essiac?

       Essiac tea is based on ancient herbal treatments from the Ojibway, a
tribe of Native Americans or "Indians," if you will. You might know this
tribe better as the Chippewa. The original formula was made up of eight

       This valuable therapy might have been lost forever if a medicine man
hadn't revealed it to a white Canadian woman suffering from breast cancer.

She was cured, and years later, when she was very old, she revealed the tea
to Rene Caisse, the head nurse in a Canadian hospital. The year was 1922.

       Not long after, Rene Caisse's aunt was diagnosed with "terminal"
stomach and liver cancer. Seeing no alternative, the doctor let Nurse Caisse
treat her aunt with the Native American tea.

       The aunt fully recovered and lived another 21 years.

       This simple incident launched a Canadian legend. In fact, Essiac is
just "Caisse" spelled backwards. Rene Caisse spent the next five decades of
her life in unselfish devotion to cancer victims.

       She refused payment for her services and took voluntary contributions
instead -- sometimes farm-fresh eggs or hand-knit sweaters. She became
beloved all over Ontario for her acts of charity. Her work brought relief to
hundreds of cancer patients.

A missed chance for medical acceptance

       What's rare for any alternative, the tea came very close to full
acceptance by the Canadian medical authorities as a mainstream cancer
treatment. It was a near miss.

       Some Ontario doctors petitioned their government in 1926 to accept
Essiac. They'd seen what it could do for cancer patients with their own eyes.
In 1935, 17,000 Canadian citizens petitioned the government again, asking
acceptance for Essiac.

       "Legalization" never happened. And for once, it wasn't mainstream
medicine's fault. By all accounts, Rene Caisse was a stubborn, eccentric
person. She refused to cooperate with mainstream scientists -- many of them
pro-Essiac. Her actions prevented the remedy from winning acceptance.

       In spite of that, Essiac is less controversial than it was thirty or
forty years ago. Decades of experience by thousands of patients reveal no
adverse side effects, although people who take too much sometimes complain of
short-term headache, dizziness or nausea. It's not recommended for pregnant
or lactating women.

       Can you drink the tea to prevent cancer? It makes sense, but there's
no firm proof one way or the other. At least it does no harm as far as we

Endorsed by one of America's top alternative doctors

       Julian Whitaker, M.D., editor of the popular Health & Healing
newsletter, writes, "Rene Caisse never claimed that Essiac was a cancer cure,
nor that it would help everyone. But neither should we dismiss it as just
another old folk remedy. The individual herbs in Essiac tea have all been
shown in recent years to have anticancer activity, and thousands of cancer
patients in the past 70 years have claimed to have been helped by Essiac

       My take is that the evidence is good for pain relief, tumor shrinkage
and general improved well-being among cancer patients who try Essiac tea.
When it comes to full remission, there's less evidence. It sounds like such
cases are a small percentage but they do happen.

       You should not assume Essiac is a full-blown "cure" and personally I'd
use it as one of a battery of natural therapies, not as my only hope.

Absolutely get help from a health professional if you have cancer. Discuss
Essiac with them, if you're interested in trying it.

       And meanwhile I urge you to get your own copy of Dr. Morton Walker's
Natural Cancer Remedies that Work for more details about Essiac and nine
other treatments.      

Kindest regards,

Lee Euler

P.S. You'll get a kick out of this story. One of our printers who prints
"Natural Cancer Remedies that Work" for us found out he had an eye tumor. He
wasn't especially a fan of alternative medicine, but since he'd seen our
report, he obtained one of the remedies Dr. Walker talks about -- it's from
Chapter Two in the report. Then he found a U.S. healthcare giver to
administer it intravenously (that's why I can't reveal names here, the doctor
could get in trouble). Our printer's eye tumor cleared up -- 100% remission.

Health Disclaimer: The information provided above is not intended as personal
medical advice or instructions. You should not take any action affecting your
health without consulting a qualified health professional. The authors and
publishers of the information above are not doctors or health-caregivers. The
authors and publishers believe the information to be accurate but its
accuracy cannot be guaranteed. There is some risk associated with ANY cancer
treatment, and the reader should not act on the information above unless he
or she is willing to assume the full risk.

Thank You Lee Euler

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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