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Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine                      


            The Solution For Disease FREE Health.


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In fact, this is a good place for me to say that Bill Henderson is not a
doctor-hater. He goes to M.D.’s himself for all kinds of treatments. His best
golfing buddy is an M.D. But when it comes to cancer, he thinks establishment
medicine has gone totally off the rails.

Your “go-to” list of clinics and doctors who haven’t closed their minds to these alternatives!

That’s why this newly revised and updated edition of Cancer-Free includes
seven pages on doctors and clinics that challenge the “drug money”
establishment and heal all kinds of cancers safely and effectively! In
addition to full details on the Texas clinic with the “blood peptide”
treatment I told you about earlier, you’ll also discover:

    A clinic specializing in immune boosting therapy. They use natural
compounds already present in the body and boost the immune system
specifically against cancer cells. Clinical records report 50-60% of patients
experience tumor reduction. Many undergo long-term regression — even those
with terminal cancer! (page 226)

    Another immune recovery clinic incorporates nutritional and Chinese
medicine with a high success rate. Bill met one woman with stage IV breast
cancer who was making great progress after only 10 days. She is now cancer-
free. What’s more, the clinic director says patients can usually recoup 60%
of the cost from health insurance! (page 172)

    Then there’s the clinic started by two leading cancer doctors over 35
years ago. They’re experts in many of today’s top natural and alternative
treatments. The clinic has helped more than 100,000 cancer patients. (page

Let me be clear: many of the clinics you’ll discover in Cancer-Free use
conventional medicine as well as alternatives. That means you don’t have to
forgo conventional treatment, unless that’s your choice. You can enjoy the
best of both worlds and Bill will tell you how.

In fact, he walks you through a whole series of nutritional supplements and
alternative therapies that can increase the effectiveness of chemo and
radiation while reducing their side effects like fatigue, nausea and pain!

This secret multiplies the power of chemo 10,000 times —
and your doctor’s never heard of it!

On page 68 of Bill’s book, he talks about a simple therapy that makes
chemotherapy drugs 10,000 times as effective. That means a patient needs very
little of the toxic chemo drug to do the job. Just by adding the treatment

Bill Henderson reveals, you hang a bull’s eye on each and every cancer cell
so the chemotherapy agent goes straight to it and kills it.

You do need a doctor for this new therapy. It’s even FDA approved. Yet few
American doctors use it. In Cancer-Free, Bill tells you where you can get the
help you need. We published information about this remarkable therapy before
we ever met Bill Henderson, so we know he’s totally on the level. We were
delighted to see his info confirmed ours!

A goldmine of information on alternative cancer treatments

I’ve barely touched the highlights of Bill’s remarkable book. Wouldn’t you
like to know…

    The four essentials for a successful fight against cancer
    The “most accurate cancer test in the world” according to Bill.
    Are there scams in alternative health? Of course. Here’s how to spot them
    — including two therapies you should definitely avoid
    Bill Henderson’s final answer to prostate problems.  Within two weeks,
all his own prostate symptoms went away, and stayed away for good.

And more. Much, much more.

I hope you can see why Bill Henderson’s newly revised 3rd Edition of Cancer-
Free is a must-read for anyone with cancer, anyone with a loved one who’s a
cancer patient, and anyone (like me) who just wants to get ready to beat

America’s #2 killer (#1 if you’re a woman aged 35-74).
I almost forgot to mention the most surprising thing…
Bill’s way of beating cancer costs just $104 per month!

I’m not talking about the cost of his report. That’s a measly $27. I’m
talking about the cost of his top recommendations. The food and supplements
Bill recommends come to just $104 per month, according to him. And I don’t
mean you buy them from him. He doesn’t sell them or profit from them in any
way. He just tries to give you the cheapest and best sources he can find.

Here is Where YOU will Find the answer.

Kindest regards,

You Lee Euler


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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