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USFDA & Alternative Cancer Treatment.

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USFDA & Alternative Cancer Treatment.

       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


Some electromedicine treatments work by vibrating the microbes
(at the correct frequency) until they burst. Other electromedicine
protocol s work by breaking the enzymes off of the outside surface
of the microbes so that they cannot breed. Others lack finesse and
simply electrocute the microbes.

But do not confuse the very gentle "electrom edicine" of alternative
medicine with the crude, barbaric, painful and worthless "radiation"
therapy of orthodox medicine.

Radiation therapy is like using a rifle to put out a carpet fire, but
"electromedicine" in alternative medicine is more like using a
flyswatter because it is so easy to kill microbes.

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In the 1950s, Dr. Robert C. Olney, M.D. was curing cancer with
ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy (UVBI). He would extract some
blood from the patient, use Ultraviolet-A light to irradiate the
blood and then he would put the blood back into the patient's body.
See the book:
Into the Light -Tomorrow's Medicine Today
by William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

(Chapter 12).
UVBI is considered an "oxygen" treatment, meaning it floods the
body with oxygen. However, it is not known whether this oxygen
kills the cancer cells or it kills the microbes inside the cancer
cells or if it works in some other manner. It may actually be a
vibrational medicine treatment.

Currently, some clinics in Mexico and other countries are using
this technology (Google: UVBI cancer ultraviolet clinic).

While many alternative cancer treatments have solid cancer theory
behind them, most alternative cancer treatments were designed by
exchanging notes with other researchers and by using their own
experiences and research. All of them use special diets. All of
them try to build the immune system. All of them try to protect
the non-cancerous cells, and so on.

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Most highly potent alternative cancer treat ments (i.e. protocols)
combine several supplements (and may include gentle electromedicine)
to accomplish all of the needed tasks. Some of the top alternative
cancer treatments today, which can be done at home, include:
Cellect-Budwig (nutrients), GB-4000 Protocols - i.e. Rife Machines
(electromedicine, reverts cancer cells into normal cells), Cesium
Chloride (minerals and nutrients), Bob Beck Protocol (electromedicine,
builds immune system), Bill Henderson Protocol (nutrients and immune
builders), LifeOne Protocol (nutrients), various Oleander protocols
(nutrients), Brandt Grape Cure (nutrients), etc., etc.

In some cases these protocols can be combined and in some cases
they cannot be combined.

Of course, any alternative cancer treatment expert will give you a
different list. This is because no single alternative cancer treatm
ent expert has experience with every type of alternative cancer
treatment. We do the best we can with the limited time and resources
we have.

Some new alternative cancer treatments could restore and even improve
on the old 50% cure rate on advanced cancer patients. Electromedicine,
combined with one of the top nutritional protocols, has by far the best
chance of doing that.

In fact, the GB-4000 with M.O.P.A., combined with the Cellect-Budwig,
is likely already at or above the 50% cure rate on very advanced
cancer patients. Some of the clinics are also at or above the 50%
cure rate on advanced cancer patients. But the most important key
to survival is working with an expert, either at a clinic, over
the phone or by Internet. All of the treat ments listed above, except
the Bob Beck Protocol and Brandt Grape Cure (which have limited
support), have expert support available.

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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