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Teens Susceptible to Hepatitis B virus Despite Vaccination as Infants


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Hepatitis b Virus

        There have been more than 1,500 hepatitis B vaccine-related deaths
reported, including deaths classified as sudden infant death syndrome

    Keep in mind that this is likely an underestimation because only a
fraction of the serious health problems, including deaths, following
vaccination are ever acknowledged due to a lack of public awareness about how
to recognize signs and symptoms of vaccine reactions.

    Also, vaccine adverse events are substantially underreported — some
estimate only between one and 10 percent of all serious heath problems and
deaths that occur after vaccination are ever reported — even though the
National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 mandated that all doctors and
other vaccine providers report serious health problems, including
hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following vaccination.

    Moreover, often only acute reaction symptoms that occur soon after
vaccination are recognized, since chronic inflammation and other subclinical
adverse effects may take weeks, months, years or even decades to fully
manifest. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible in many cases, to
link chronic health problems back to an earlier vaccination or series of
vaccinations, especially when doctors fail to inform themselves or their
patients about vaccine risks and fail to keep accurate medical records.

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    The 1986 Act did not include sanctions for failing to inform, record or
report potential vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths to the federal
Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). So most vaccine providers,
for reasons that are obvious, e.g. their guilt and desire to conveniently
write off all vaccine-associated health problems as a “coincidence,” do not
file a report when the health of a person recently vaccinated begins to

    Truth be told, many vaccine reactions are not even recognized by medical
personnel as vaccine-related, in part because many have been mislead into
believing that vaccine-induced injuries are exceedingly rare.

    For instance, when babies die after hepatitis B vaccinations, most of the
time their deaths are automatically attributed to SIDS -- without
investigation into whether the vaccine caused the baby's sudden death. When a
baby's death is listed as "SIDS," rarely does anyone ask about the deceased
infant's vaccination history to find out whether there were symptoms of
vaccine reactions before death, even though the biomedical literature has
repeatedly signaled this connection.4

60 Diseases and Adverse Reactions are Associated With the Hepatitis B Vaccine

    As Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
(AAPS) testified to Congress:

        "For most children, the risk of a serious vaccine reaction may be 100
times greater than the risk of hepatitis B."

    Indeed, at least 60 diseases or adverse unintended consequences are
associated with hepatitis B vaccination.5 Common reactions to the vaccine
include fatigue, muscle weakness, fever, headache, irritability and joint
pain. A study published in Annals of Epidemiology6 also found that giving
hepatitis B vaccine to infant boys more than tripled their risk for an autism
spectrum disorder. This was doubly concerning because an earlier study by the
same researcher group, using a different database, found the same results.
And there have been reports of disabling neurological and immunological
disorders that have developed following hepatitis B vaccinations as well,

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    The association between hepatitis B vaccine and autism, particularly the
3-fold higher risk in males as reported by parents,7 may be explained by the
well-known phenomena of molecular mimicry. Some researchers have proposed
that the hepatitis B vaccine induces autoimmune demyelinating disease through
the molecular mimicry that exists between the vaccine antigen, Epstein-Barr
virus and human myelin. Basically, the vaccine stimulates an antibody
response that cross-reacts against neurological self-structures, such as
myelin, resulting in neurological damage.8


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