Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TV Ads for Statins Drive Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment

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Polypharmacy Raises Drug Side Effects Exponentially

       Limit your exposure to toxins of all kinds. The number of toxic
chemicals and their sources is so large, addressing them all could easily
require an entire library, but I believe you can help you keep your toxic
load as low as possible by becoming an informed and vigilant consumer. This
includes tossing out your toxic household cleaners, soaps, personal hygiene
products, air fresheners, bug sprays, lawn pesticides, and insecticides, just
to name a few, and replacing them with non-toxic alternatives.

        Get plenty of quality sleep. Scientists have discovered that your
circadian rhythms regulate the energy levels in your cells. In addition, the
proteins involved with your circadian rhythm and metabolism are intrinsically
linked and dependent upon each other. Therefore, when your circadian rhythm
is disrupted, it can have a profound influence on your physical health. For
example, research has also linked disrupted sleep cycles to serious health
problems like depression, coronary heart diseases, and even cancer.

        If you have any kind of sleep problem, whether you’re having trouble
falling asleep or staying asleep, my article 33 Secrets to a Good Night's
Sleep is packed with great tips to help you finally get some good rest.
It Takes Personal Involvement to Stay Healthy in a Sick System

    Ultimately, it's your body, and the decision to medicate yourself for an
ailment is yours alone. However, I urge you to research any drug your doctor
prescribes before you take it. Do not just take your doctor's word for its
safety. Most physicians have little information to offer you aside from what
they've been told by their drug reps.

    Also remember that no drug is completely safe. Even under the BEST
circumstances -- such as with a drug that has gone through unbiased,
stringent, long-term testing -- anything can happen when a drug is released
into the uncontrolled environment of your body. It may interact badly with
another drug you're taking, or perhaps a food you eat causes an unforeseen
reaction, or maybe your genetic makeup, metabolism or the state of your
immune system will cause it to have an unpredictable impact.

    Ads are intended to make you want to buy a product — they are NOT public
health announcements!

    In the case of prescription medications, the “product” is a potentially
dangerous chemical that may do more harm than good. This is certainly the
case with statins. One in four Americans are now taking a statin, when the
odds are greater than 100 to 1 that you don’t need it! Please understand that
unless you have familial hypercholesterolemia, you do NOT need a drug to
normalize your cholesterol. This can easily be achieved via diet and exercis

        Thank You Dr. Mercola

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