Friday, March 1, 2013

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 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

Cancer Theory and Alkaline Treatments

This article will discuss the importance of these shapes and sizes in the treatment of cancer

The  cancer microbe changes its shape and size based on the acidity or alkalinity of the inside of the cell.

As the alkalinity inside the cancer cell goes up, the size of the cancer microbe goes down. As the alkalinity of the inside of the cancer cell goes down (i.e. the acidity goes up), the size of the cancer microbe goes up.

We can look at any calcium or cesium chloride protocol (and possibly baking soda) to understand what is going on inside the cancer cells.

As calcium or cesium chloride get inside the cancer cells, the alkalinity of the cancer cells goes sky high.

If the calcium or cesium gets inside the cancer cells fast enough, it may kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

However, in some cases the microbes may be able to survive the highly alkaline substances. As the alkalinity inside the cells goes up, the microbes that are not killed may go into hibernation (the "Somatid" state in the above chart).

When this microbe is in hibernation, it cannot be killed by anything!! This has actually been observed by several different cancer researchers (who, by the way, called this microbe by different names, such as "bion," BX or "microzyma")!!

In the book: The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens is this quote:

    "... over the years somatids were revealed to be virtually indestructible! They have resisted exposure to carbonization temperatures of 200 degree C and more. They have survived exposure to 50,000 rems of nuclear radiation, far more than enough to kill any living thing. They have been totally unaffected by any acid. Taken from centrifuge residues, they have been found impossible to cut with a diamond knife, so unbelievably impervious to any such attempts is their hardness."
    page 5

While not in the somatid state, the alkalinity inside of cells makes these microbes lethargic, which largely neutralizes the damage they are doing. These microbes damage the body and cancer cells in several ways, but in this context I am talking about the fact that they can force the cancer cell to replicate very quickly.

If the alkalinity does not occur fast enough, and thus does not kill these microbes, the microbes may eventually go into the somatid or hibernation state.

If these microbes go into hibernation, the cancer cells will be able to restore their metabolism and will appear to be normal cells!!! In other words, when in hibernation these microbes do not intercept glucose and do not excrete mycotoxins. So just like when these microbes are killed, the cancer cells revert into normal cells.

But in these cases the cells appear to be normal cells, and act as if they were normal cells, but in fact they are still cancer cells in the sense that there are still microbes inside the cells!!

When the person stops or changes their cancer treatment, and goes off of their alkaline cancer treatment, and goes back to their old acidic diet, eventually the inside of the cancer cells gets acidic and the microbes come out of hibernation and the cancer "returns" in the same location it was before!!

Actually, the cancer cells never left, they simply "went into hibernation" because the microbes were in hibernation. When the microbes came out of hibernation they started intercepting glucose again and excreting mycotoxins again. The cells again acted as if it were cancerous.

This is a key sign as to what is happening, the cancer returns in exactly the same location it was before!! Thus, the new cancer is not caused by "new cancer cells," it is caused by "old cancer cells" which were cancer cells which reverted into being normal cells, but when the cell interior again became acidic the somatids came out of hibernation and again started intercepting glucose and excreting mycotoxins.

This is why I tell people who are using an alkaline protocol as their cancer treatment, that when they are done with their treatment they need to go on a different cancer treatment that does not use alkalinity at its foundation. Or they need to stay on an alkaline diet for life to keep the microbes in hibernation (and keep the cancer from coming back).


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