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Everyone knows someone with cancer or that has died from cancer. It's
time for some new awareness...knowledge and real honesty about cancer,
treatment and recovery, not death from cancer and/or its treatment.
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Alternative Treatments for Heart Disease

By Gerald Parker

Yes, there is an alternative treatment for heart disease! Have you or
someone close to you been told they are "a walking time bomb" or told
they need bypass surgery immediately "or else". What about the long list
of medications being prescribed at a rapid rate, each one to take care of
a side effect from the other?

There is an answer. It is safe and painless, and given in the comfort of
a doctors office. The answer is chelation therapy. The U.S. Navy first
used chelation therapy in the 1940's to treat lead toxicity in sailors
which was caused by the lead based paint used on Naval ships.

Since then, physicians around the world have been taking it a step
further and using it to treat not only multiple heavy metal toxicities,
but also atherosclerosis (a condition that occurs when calcium and plaque
have built up in the arteries) and arteriosclerosis (hardening of the

The main ingredient in chelation therapy is EDTA (ethylene diamine
tetra-acetic acid), which is a protein like molecule that when slowly
infused into the blood stream binds with minerals such as calcium, iron,
lead, and copper and carries them to the kidney where they are excreted.
In all the treatments given by ACAM (American College of Advancements in
Medicine) trained physicians in the last 30+ years, there have been no
reported deaths. Now exactly how do the numbers measure up when compared
to bypass surgery...2-8% of all by-pass patients (depending on the
hospital) die immediately as a complications of surgery and 25% have
other serious complications.

The AMA (American Medical Association) even admits in its official
journal the Journal of the American Medical Association that 44% of all
bypass surgeries in the United States are performed for an inappropriate
reason. Yet the number of bypass surgeries still done each year continues
to increase at an amazing rate. These and many more startling facts can
be found in Dr. Parker's Five Hidden Causes of Heart Disease.

Dr. Parker has been practicing preventive medicine for the past 35 years.

He has appeared on numerous television and radio shows such as “That’s
Incredible”, “The Today Show”, and “Ounce of Prevention”. Dr. Parker is also
listed in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Medicine, and was
recently recognized as Physician of the Year by the National Republican
Congressional Committee’s Physician’s Advisory Board.   
God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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