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This article is quite lengthy. I'm going to post it in parts so the whole
article can be read in a few days. I use this as a part of my cancer/disease
free maintenance.

The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

    By Dr. David G. Williams
    (Original title: Hydrogen Peroxide - Curse or Cure?)

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Chlorination of drinking water removes oxygen. Cooking and over-processing of our
foods lowers their oxygen content. Unrestrained antibiotic use destroys beneficial
oxygen-creating bacteria in the intestinal tract. Dr. Johanna Budwig of Germany
has shown that for proper cellular utilization of oxygen to take place, our diets
must contain adequate amounts of unsaturated fatty acids. Unfortunately, the oils
rich in these fatty acids have become less and less popular with the food
industry. Their very nature makes them more biologically active, which requires
more careful processing and gives them a shorter shelf-life. Rather than deal with
these challenges, the food industry has turned to the use of synthetic fats and
dangerous processes like hydrogenation.

    It's obvious that our oxygen needs are not being met. Several of the most
common ailments now affecting our population are directly related to oxygen
starvation. Asthma, emphysema, and lung disease are on the rise, especially in the
polluted metropolitan areas. Cases of constipation, diarrhea, intestinal parasites
and bowel cancer are all on the upswing. Periodontal disease is endemic in the
adult population of this country. Cancer of all forms continues to increase.
Immune system disorders are sweeping the globe. Chronic fatigue, "Yuppie Flu" and
hundreds of other strange viral diseases have begun to surface. Ironically, many
of the new "miracle" drugs and nutritional supplements used to treat these
conditions work by increasing cellular oxygen (oftentimes through H202 formation).
For example, the miracle nutrient, Coenzyme Q10, helps regulate intercellular
oxidation. Organic germanium, which received considerable publicity not too long
ago, also increases oxygen levels at the cellular level. And even substances like
niacin and vitamin E promote tissue oxidation through their dilation of blood

    Hydrogen peroxide is only one of the many components that help regulate the
amount of oxygen getting to your cells. Its presence is vital for many other
functions as well. It is required for the production of thyroid hormone and sexual
hormones. (Mol Cell Endocrinol 86;46(2): 149-154) (Steroids 82;40(5):5690579). It
stimulates the production of interferon (J Immunol 85;134(4):24492455). It dilates
blood vessels in the heart and brain (Am J Physiol 86;250 (5 pt 2): H815-821 and
(2 pt 2):H157-162). It improves glucose utilization in diabetics (Proceedings of
the IBOM Conference 1989, 1990, 1991). The closer you look at hydrogen peroxide,
the less surprising it becomes that it can help such a wide variety of conditions.

    The following is only a partial listing of conditions in which H202 therapy
has been used successfully. (Many of these conditions are serious, if not life-
threatening. As always, I would highly recommend seeking the advice and guidance
of a doctor experienced in the use of these techniques.)

        Allergies Headaches
        Altitude Sickness Herpes Simplex
        Alzheimer's Herpes Zoster
        Anemia HIV Infection
        Arrhythmia Influenza
        Asthma Insect Bites
        Bacterial Infections Liver Cirrhosis
        Bronchitis Lupus Erythematosis
        Cancer Multiple Sclerosis
        Candida Parasitic Infections
        Cardiovascular Disease Parkinsonism
        Cerebral Vascular Disease Periodontal Disease
        Chronic Pain Prostatitis
        Diabetes Type 11 Rheumatoid Arthritis
        Diabetic Gangrene Shingles
        Diabetic Retinopahty Sinusitis
        Digestion Problems Sore Throat
        Epstein-Barr Infection Ulcers
        Emphysema Viral Infections
        Food Allergies Warts
        Fungal Infections Yeast Infections

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