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What Causes Cancer???



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What Causes Cancer?


You cannot believe how many emails I have gotten from cancer patients who
have gone through these three steps:
1) The patient had surgery to "cut out" the cancer,
2) The patient was told they were "cancer free,"
3) Months later the cancer "came back," which is called "regression."

Among other things, this article will explain what went wrong and will
explain how to prevent the cancer from coming back.

When talking about what causes cancer we need to talk about it at two
different levels.

The first level is talking about cancer at the systemic level, meaning what
conditions in the body allowed the cancer to grow out of control and how do
we deal with this issue.

The second level of talking about cancer is talking about what causes cancer
at the cellular level. In other words, why does an individual normal cell
become cancerous and how do we revert cancer cells into normal cells?

These two subjects are totally different subjects!!

We can compare these two levels by talking about a flood. We could talk all
day long about the damage a rain storm caused, such as the flooding of
rivers, the damage to crops caused by heavy rain, the damage to roads that
have flooded, etc. But that is only one level to talk about rain. We could
also ask what weather conditions cause rain to form in the clouds.

Thus, a scientist might talk about what causes rain up in the clouds, but a
newscaster might talk about the damage caused by the flooding of a river
caused by the rain.

The same is true about cancer. A cancer practitioner might research how to
kill cancer cells or revert them into normal cells, but a cancer researcher
might ask why the immune system was weak and why individual cells were

A discussion about what causes cancer at the cellular level is a totally
different subject than talking about what causes cancer at the systemic

So let us start by talking about cancer at the systemic level.

What Causes Cancer - Systemic Level

Everyone has cancer cells in their body, so why does one person never get
diagnosed with cancer and another person is diagnosed with cancer?

Cancer is almost always caused by the same multi-step sequence of events.

First, nasty microbes and parasites get inside of the organs and make their
homes there. These microbes generally come from meat that was not adequately
cooked, but they can come from other sources.

Second, these microbes intercept glucose which was headed for the cells in
the organs.

Third, these microbes excrete (as waste products) mycotoxins, which are
highly acid and totally worthless to the cells.

Fourth, because the cells (in the organs) don't get the food they need
(because it has been intercepted), and because they are living in a sea of
filth (i.e. mycotoxins), the cells in the organ become weak.

Fifth, organs are made exclusively of cells. In other words, if you took all
of the cells out of an organ, there would be no organ. Thus, because the
cells in the organ(s) are weak, the organ(s) are weak.

Sixth, because one or more major organs are weak the immune system becomes
weak. Actually, the microbes weaken the immune system both directly and

Seventh, because the immune system is weak it cannot kill enough cancer cells
and the cancer cells grow out of control.

Thus, in summary, the "root cause" of cancer is microbes and parasites that
are in the organs or colon (or bloodstream), which weakens the immune
system!! However, in many cases it is a massive amount of filth in the colon
that can lead to a weak immune system

 The reader might have noted the "or bloodstream" note above. Cancer patients
who have microbes in the organs also have microbes in the bloodstream. Which
caused the other will vary by cancer patient. But microbes which originate in
the organs will spread the microbes to the bloodstream, and vice versa.

Exactly how much the microbes in the organs weaken the immune system, versus
how much the microbes in the bloodstream weaken the immune system, is not

When thinking about the above steps, there are three major ways to 

cure cancer:


1) Safely target and kill the cancer cells,
2) Kill the microbes inside the cancer cells (which will be discussed below)
and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells,
3) Kill the microbes that are causing the immune system to be weak (and this
includes the microbes in the organs and the microbes in the bloodstream).

Actually, without doing #3, the cancer could come back again.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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