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The "Root Cause" of Cancer


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Fixing the "Root Cause" of Cancer

While many natural cancer treatments

do very well against cancer, what is missing in many natural cancer treatment protocols is getting rid of the microbes in the organs, which is the "root cause" of most cases of cancer.

In many cases the immune system can get rid of these microbes, but in fact some types of tapeworms, flukes and fungus, etc. cannot be killed by the immune system for one reason or another (e.g. the microbes are not accessible by the immune system).

Liver flushes and special nutrients may be required to deal with these microbes and parasites. But the fact is that many natural cancer treatments do very well without dealing with these special microbes. But the patient should be aware of these issues.

By getting rid of the microbes in the organs, plus doing the normal cancer treatments, the balance (i.e. a strong immune system and a low number of cancer cells) is restored enough to keep the cancer from coming back. The patient is cured because their immune system has been fixed and the number of cancer cells (by using special protocols) has been reduced!! The cancer will not come back as long as the patient watches their diet.

The approach of orthodox medicine, 

however, is to severely damage the immune system with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. This makes the imbalance even worse because these things damage the immune system and do a very poor job of targeting the cancer cells and do an even worse job of killing the microbes in the organs.

Orthodox cancer treatments also kill many healthy cells and can damage organs, the lymph system, etc. Is it any wonder the cancer always seems to "come back" after surgery or chemotherapy? This is called "regression."

For example, how does cutting off a breast going to fix the immune system? Don't be absurd. I don't know how many times I have told cancer patients that "you cannot cut cancer out."

Is it any wonder that alternative cancer treatments, when administered by experts, have a massively higher cure rate than orthodox medicine? Most natural cancer treatments include immune builders and things that kill cancer cells. Some protocols also include things to clean the blood of microbes, which will also supercharge the immune system.

Ponder this carefully: even when orthodox medicine puts someone into "remission" (i.e. their cancer appears to be gone), they have not fixed the "root cause" of the cancer, so it is almost certain the cancer will come back!! That is why the true "five-year" cure rate of orthodox medicine is less than 3%.

Because the "root cause" of cancer 

is a weak immune system, YOU CANNOT CUT CANCER OUT, you have to deal with the "root cause" of the cancer!!!

Even in Natural Medicine the Cancer Can Come Back

Many natural cancer treatments, whether cancer treatments that kill the cancer cells or even revert the cancer cells into normal cells, can have significant regression rates!!

One reason was discussed above, the microbes in the organs and/or bloodstream were not identified and destroyed.

In other words, even natural cancer treatments that kill cancer cells or revert cancer cells into normal cells can have the cancer return!! If natural cancer treatments don't fix the "root cause" of the cancer, by cleaning the blood, and especially the organs of microbes and parasites, the cancer can come back.

Using This Information in the Treatment of Cancer

Let's ask one more question: have there been any cancer treatments that cured cancer by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells?

In the 1930s Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, was able to cure cancer with gentle electromedicine, which had two frequencies. One frequency was designed to kill the cancer bacteria and the second frequency was a "carrier" frequency which got the other frequency through the cell membrane (and actually through the entire body) to get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes.

Dr. Rife had a 100% cure rate of cancer patients, but he was shut down by the FDA after refusing to sell his technology to the American Medical Association (a corrupt labor union), which he knew would bury his technology.

Two modern day "Rife Machines" have replicated both of the types of "Rife Machines" that Rife built. These are the GB-4000 family of very, very gentle electromedicine devices, which were mentioned above. On this website the GB-4000 devices are usually called the "High RF Frequency Protocols" for legal reasons.

These are currently the only electromedicine devices which have the Rife carrier waves and are the only "Rife Machines" endorsed by this website. The ICRF is currently working on a new concept electromedicine device which has a carrier wave, but due to lack of funding, and lack of manpower, our progress is very, very slow.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF) researches both electromedicine protocols (such as Rife developed) and has also designed several cancer treatments using: DMSO, MSM, honey, maple syrup or molassas as carriers (i.e. Trojan Horses) to get microbe killing substances inside of cancer cells. These treatments have been very successful.

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