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Chemotherapy and Breast Cancer...

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Mother of three refuses to go quietly

Kathy was a 45-year-old mother of three when she felt a lump in her breast.
The diagnosis confirmed her worst fears: Kathy had aggressive breast cancer.

     Her doctors  performed surgery, but things went from bad to worse. The
cancer spread to Kathy's liver. At that point, many oncologists would
recommend only minimal treatment, to preserve the quality of the time she had

    But Kathy was luckier than most patients: 

Her doctors sent her cancercells to Dr. Bob for testing. He discovered an effective
combination of chemotherapy drugs that killed her cancer cells in the laboratory.

    Was Kathy willing to try the chemo? "Let's go for it!" she said.

    Two years later, as this is written, Kathy is still in complete remission
with only minimal therapy. The test--and her "never-say-die" attitude--saved
her life.

Now you might be asking yourself...

Why isn't every oncologist using this cancer test for every patient?

That's a good question. As Dr. Bob says, doctors can be stubborn as mules.
That's why some oncologists resist this breakthrough: They'd rather keep
doing what they've always done.

    Other well-meaning oncologists--like yours, maybe--would use the test
before starting you on chemo if they knew the test existed. But the word
hasn't gotten around as it should. And do you know why? Naturally, it's Big

Call me cynical, but I think giant drug companies like things just the way
they are. Think about it: When oncologists must try multiple chemo drugs,
searching high and low for the one that works, drug companies sell more
drugs--whether they work or not.

In other words, the drug companies can multiply their massive profits by
keeping you and millions of other Americans sick!

    Do you think these drug companies 

would welcome a test that slashed their sales to the bone? Don't count on it!
Remember, their business is not to save lives, it's to SELL DRUGS!

    But you don't have to put up with this heartless greed.

 At last, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from cancer and stop
 relying on the selfish people who line their own pockets while you fight for
your life.

Introducing Cancer Pioneers --

the modern world's most advanced information on the subject of beating cancer!
Dr. Bob is just one of the brilliant physicians and trailblazing scientists
you'll meet in CANCER PIONEERS, my brand-new Special Report.

This unique manuscript was compiled by my valued colleague Larry J.
Trivieri--editor of Alternative Medicine: A Definitive Guide and co-author of
12 best-selling books on natural health. Larry and I are proud to make CANCER
PIONEERS available to you.

You'll discover case studies of doctors who put their patients first. These
unique individuals have developed more effective, less toxic cancer
treatments-- including chemotherapy that has fewer side effects and sometimes
NO side effects! They've also found ways to combine conventional care and
alternative therapies.

Let me tell you about another one of the doctors in this Special Report. He's
devoted his entire practice to "integrating" mainstream and alternative
medicine. (I'll call him Dr. Keith for now--you'll get full details in CANCER

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments



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