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World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments


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Dr. Keith is dedicated in heart and soul to helping patients beat cancer.

His dedication saved a patient named Mary. 

She never missed a day of work or even a meal during her chemo
Mary was a workaholic who held two jobs and an exercise fanatic who spent two
hours a day lifting weights at the gym. She appeared to be in peak physical
condition--until she discovered a lump in her breast.

Even after radical surgery, her doctors told her she would die. But Mary did
what she always did: she took action! She began reading everything she could
get her hands on about cancer and--by pure chance--stumbled upon Dr. Keith.

Dr. Keith put Mary on his "patient-focused" chemo. This amazing innovation
calls for smaller bursts of chemo over time instead of a huge blast all at
once. With smaller bursts, the chemo kills more cancer cells and fewer
healthy cells.

Mary also changed to a "cancer-preventing" diet

...lowered herinflammation...reduced her stress levels...cut back on her intense
exerciseprogram (she was overdoing it)...and brought more balance and harmony
intoher life.

Remarkably, Mary experienced almost no side effects. She would put her chemo
in a fanny pack and take long walks on the waterfront while the drugs went
slowly into her system. And she never missed a meal or a day of work!  

Mary's been cancer-free for eight years now! Conventional chemo--coupled with
alternative therapies --was the "one-two punch" she needed. As her case

You don't have to run away from mainstream treatments altogether.

    For most people I know, it'd be scary to abandon "the system" completely.

But the good news is, now you don't have to! You'll soon discover how it's
better to combine your options, drawing from the best of both conventional
and alternative.

That's because--make no mistake--chemo doesn't have to be painful, miserable
and useless. With CANCER PIONEERS at your fingertips, you and your oncologist
can work as a team to identify your best course of action. You might want to
ask yourself...

Will this cutting-edge Special Report help me defeat the scourge of cancer?

Will it help me save a beloved family member, or one of my dear friends?
I hope so. And if your loved ones are reluctant to try little-known
treatments (you know how hard it can be to convince them!), they might just
listen if you back yourself up with the scientifically proven information in

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments


You could share this astonishing story from one of Dr. Keith's patients, a
man named Gary ...

Like many generations of his family, Gary raised cattle for a living and
found purpose in the long, hard days. He was also a proud meat eater who kept
800 pounds of red meat in his freezer and downed cartloads of cheese, milk
and sweets.

Life was good: until one day when Gary noticed he'd developed a huge mass in
his stomach. But like many people who don't want to face such problems, he
waited six months and dropped 55 pounds before consulting a doctor.

The diagnosis? Kidney cancer that had spread to his other organs. Doctors
told Gary to get his affairs in order and prepare to die.

  In a last-ditch effort, Gary dialed a phone number that one of his nurses
gave him. It was the number of Dr. Keith, who'd helped the nurse's father
defeat his cancer. Gary was looking for the same kind of miracle.

Gary committed to Dr. Keith's program 100%. He agreed to a highly targeted,
minimally toxic dose of chemo that stabilized him in just two weeks. And with
the help of his family, he changed his diet and lifestyle dramatically.

The results? 18 years later, Gary is cancer-free and loving every minute of
his life. He grows organic produce on his enjoying his first
grandchild...and tells every cancer patient he meets about Dr. Keith.

And you can find out more about Dr. Keith in the pages of CANCER PIONEERS.
This Special Report could truly save your life...or the life of someone you
care about!

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments


For just $19.95 USD, you'll get this astonishing, up-to-the-minute research
on America 's most dreaded disease. CANCER PIONEERS is a "quantum leap" in
cancer knowledge for anyone who's been stricken with this unforgiving disease
or who worries about getting it.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

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