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Teens Susceptible to Hepatitis B virus Despite Vaccination as Infants

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Teens Susceptible to Hepatitis B virus Despite Vaccination as Infants

What You Should Know About Hepatitis B Virus

    Hepatitis B is often called "the silent killer" because as many as 95
percent of those with the disease exhibit no symptoms at all, until it's too
late. The disease can progress unnoticed for years in some cases, and
patients oftentimes learn they have chronic hepatitis B once they develop
severe liver damage Hepatitis actually means liver inflammation. Ironically,
hepatitis B vaccines have actually been shown to induce liver inflammation
associated with hepatitis.9 The "A," "B" and "C" designations refer to the
type of hepatitis virus involved. Symptoms of hepatitis A and B are very
similar, and include:

        Abdominal pain
        Joint pain
        Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes)

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    Fortunately, in most cases the hepatitis B infection will resolve on its
own provided you have a well-functioning immune system. Symptoms can be
relieved by:

        Avoiding foods that weaken your immune function, such as
sugars/fructose, grains, and processed foods. Healthful foods that help boost
your immune system include fermented foods and organic vegetables. (For a
list of the top 12 most beneficial foods for robust immune function, please
see this previous article)
        Optimizing your vitamin D levels
        Drinking plenty of pure water
        Avoiding alcohol and drugs

    If you recover completely from hepatitis B infection, you’ll acquire
life-long immunity. A diagnosis of chronic hepatitis B, on the other hand,
will typically include some form of antiviral medication, and depending on
how far along your disease has progressed, you may even require a liver
transplant. Even if you have been vaccinated as a child, it’s important to
remember that you may not be protected from these risks, and could still be
infected via IV drug abuse, sexual activity with an infected partner, a blood
transfusion with contaminated blood or even getting a manicure or pedicure…

You Have a Choice Regarding Hepatitis B Vaccination

    If you're an expecting parent, it's important to know that the hepatitis
B vaccine is given to virtually every newborn in the hospital — many times
without parents' consent — shortly after the child is born.

    Please carefully review the reward-to-benefit ratio well before your
deliver. If you conclude like many concerned health care professionals, that
subjecting all healthy newborns to hepatitis B vaccination within hours of
birth is both risky and unnecessary and you decide it is not appropriate for
your baby, you can amend the "consent for medical treatment" forms you sign
upon entering the hospital before giving birth by writing on the form that
you do not give consent for your baby's hepatitis B vaccination in the
newborn nursery. You should let any nurses or other medical staff taking care
of you and your baby know this directly as well.

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    However, there are reports that some newborns are being vaccinated in the
newborn nursery against the parent's wishes. So it is a good idea to keep
your newborn with you at all times or have a family member stay with the baby
while in the hospital.

    That said, it is important to be tested for hepatitis B if you're
pregnant, as it's possible to have a chronic infection with no symptoms and
not know it. If you are pregnant and are a carrier for the hepatitis B virus,
your baby could be at risk for being infected during childbirth.

    And although hepatitis B vaccines may be "mandated" for your child to
attend school or day care, most states offer different legal vaccine
exemptions (medical, religious, and philosophical). On, you can
research your state's specific vaccine laws and requirements and find out
what kind of exemption to hepatitis B vaccination you are allowed to exercise
in your state for your child to attend daycare or school.

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