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Save Money on Groceries

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Save Money on Groceries

Food Loss and Waste is a Global Problem

    Curbing food loss and waste is something that should be a priority on
both global food system and individual (consumption and behavioral) levels.
As the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

        "In developing countries the problem is chiefly one of inadequate
harvest techniques, poor post-harvest management and logistics, lack of
suitable infrastructure, processing and packaging, and lack of marketing
information which would allow production to better match demand. The advice
is therefore to strengthen the food supply chain by assisting small farmers
to link directly to buyers. The private and public sectors should also invest
more in infrastructure, transportation and in processing and packaging.

        In middle- and high-income countries food losses and waste stem
largely from consumer behavior but also from lack of communication between
different actors in the supply chain.

        At retail level, large quantities of food are also wasted due to
quality standards that over-emphasize appearance. Surveys show that consumers
are willing to buy produce not meeting appearance standards as long as it is
safe and tastes good. Customers thus have the power to influence quality
standards and should do so, the report said.

        Selling farm produce closer to consumers, without having to conform
to supermarkets' quality standards, is another suggestion. This could be
achieved through farmers' markets and farm shops. Good use for food that
would otherwise be thrown away should be found. Commercial and charity
organizations could work with retailers to collect, and then sell or use
products that have been disposed of but are still good in terms of safety,
taste and nutritional value."

Planning Your Meals Can Cut Down on Food Waste in Your Home
    The FAO report found that people in rich countries generally buy more
food than they need, then end up throwing away the excess. They noted that
"generally speaking, consumers fail to plan their food purchases properly …
that means they often throw food away when 'best-before' dates expired." I've
long stated that planning your meals is important for a number of reasons,
one of which is reducing the amount of food that will go to waste, since
you'll only buy what you need each time you visit the store, and you’ll have
a plan in place to use it all up once you get home.

    I also recommend buying your food locally, preferably from a small
organic farming operation you can visit and inspect for yourself. This
guarantees that you get the freshest foods right from the start, giving you a
few extra days of leeway before they spoil.

    Finally, for the packaged foods you do buy, they are often good beyond
their expiration date. Unbeknownst to many, “best by” dates on many food
packages are typically a measure of peak quality, not an indication of food
safety. Typically, it is still safe to eat a food after the “best by” or
“best before” date (the exception is infant formula, which has safety-based
“use by” dates).

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