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Is There any Health Care Reform in our Future?

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Is There any Health Care Reform in our Future?

       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


Question #14:
What are the best Alternative Cancer Treatments?

Answer #14:
The reader might wonder about which of the roughly 600 alternative
cancer treatments is the strongest, safest and fastest-acting for
advanced cancer patients.

The answer is that no one knows because none of us has the time to
work with more than a few dozen of the protocols.

For newly diagnosed cancer patients, there are hundreds of effective
alternative cancer treatments if the patient does not have a fast-
growing type of cancer or a cancer which has already spread

Thus, I will only address the question for those who have had
significant orthodox cancer treatments.

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For clinic use, the German clinics have the best reputation
(especially the ones that use hyperthermia), but the German
clinics are very busy and do not always keep up with new
technologies so I am not sure if they are still the best.
The German cancer clinics also have a fairlysignificant rate of 
"regression" because few people realize that a cancer patient is
NOT CURED by simply getting rid of the cancer cells. They are
cured ONLY when the balance between there immunesystem and
the number of cancer cells are in balance AT NORMAL LEVELS
For those who have had chemotherapy it generally takes 2 or 3
years to rebuild the immune system back to normal levels.
Chemotherapy has destroyed the normal level of the immune system,
and you CANNOT restore the immune system in three weeks while at
a clinic.

Every alternative cancer clinic sends their patients home with a
list of supplements to take, but they do not seem to grasp what
it takes to fully restore the immune system. Anyone who has been
to a clinic actually needs to go on a full alternative cancer
treatment after they are home.

This protocol should include a nutritional protocol plus immune
builders (immune builders could include the Bob Beck Protocol
and nutritional nutrition builders). As far as home treatments
are concerned, for advanced cancer patients who have been sent
home to die; it is highly recommended to combine an electromedicine
protocol (which either reverts cancer cells into no rmal cells or
supercharges the immune system) with a nutritional protocol which
includes immune builders. A "not-so-advanced" cancer patient can
get by with just a nutritional protocol.

An electromedicine protocol is required when the person has had a
lot of chemotherapy (which damages the cells in the stomach or
colon, thus the patient cannot properly digest supplements) OR
they have had stomach or colon surgery. In other words, if their
stomach or colon are damaged, a nutritional protocol will likely
not be enough.

In the experience of the cancer researchers of the Independent
Cancer Research Foundation, the best electromedicine protocol is
the GB-4000 M.O.P.A. plasma machine which was originally designed
by Royal Rife, but has been replicated using modern technology.

However, there are scores of different brands of Rife Machines
and we are only familiar with several of them. However, clearly
the GB-4000 family is the most authentic brand because original
Rife machines were carefully studied by the manufacturer (in fact
he owns an original Rife machine). However, this does not mean it
is the most effective electrom edicine device, only that it is the
most authentic.

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Electromedicine protocols do no harm to the body , but are able
to revert cancer cells into normal cells. We know this because
they work and because there is no way an electromedicine protocol
can differentiate a cancer cell from a normal cell (which would
be required for them to kill cancer cells and leave healthy cells
alone). Nor were they designed to make that differentiation.

Unfortunately the GB-4000 with M. O.P.A. device costs close to
$5,000, and as already mentioned, many cancer patients don't have
any money left. The GB-4000 with SR-4 amplifier costs about $2,500.
A far less expensive device, which we know is very effective, but
don't know if it is as effective as the M.O.P.A., is the Bob Beck

While the GB-4000 (which also has a little brother, the SR-4) reverts
cancer cells into normal cells, the Bob Beck Protocol builds the
immune system and lets the immune system take care of the cancer.
Those with a little electronics background can actually build the
Bob Beck Protocol for less than $200 if they watch the Bob Beck
videos on YouTube (watch the Ventura and Granada videos as a
 minimum).However, these devices can also be purchased on the

So what should be combined with the electromedicine device? Here is
a short list of candidates:
1) Cellect-Budwig (a complete protocol by itself),
2) Bill Henderson Protocol (also a
complete protocol by itself),
3) A quality Limu Juice,
4) Brandt Grape Cure,
5) and many, many others.

For those with considerable funds, they might combine the GB-4000
with M.O.P.A with the Cellect-Budwig. For those with more modest
funds they may combine the Bob Beck Protocol (especially if it
is made at home) with the Bill Henderson Protocol, which is very

Note that I have not mentioned the Kelley protocol. It is best used
at a clinic, not at home, though it can be used at home. Like the
Gerson protocol, it is a lot of work.

Thank You R. Webster Kehr
May, 2011

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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