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How to Make Cold Coffee

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Coffee is one of the finest beverages. It is tasty, energizing. In chilling cold when our trembling palms cup the hot coffee mug it gives a wonderful warm feeling. But during summer, under the scorching heat, more warmth is not at all welcome. So here comes the cold coffee for our rescue. The cool version of coffee, It not just comforts you, but melts your heart also. It has become immensely popular over the time. All the cafes all over the world are serving this.
Do not mistake it to be a normal hot coffee served cold. Nope, that’s not it. It would have then a bitter insipid taste. It has an individual separate recipe. Some people confuse it with iced coffee. But there are some differences in both taste and look. After a bad blistering summery day you must feel very grumpy and irritable. Well have one cold coffee.
The moment it will go down your throat, you will feel the difference in your mood. But this does not mean that you cannot have it other time. It is an all season beverage. You do not always need to cross the road and go to the café to enjoy this. The busy coffee joints simply mix the sweetener and the hot espresso. And then pour it on chilled milk. One can very easily make this at home. It is unbelievably simple and is prepared in a jiffy. The children love it. The adults adore it.
Difficulty Level
InstructionsYou will need four cups of milk, half cup of water, four tablespoons sugar, four tablespoons of cream, six teaspoons of instant coffee powder, some ice.Heat the water and bring the water to boil. Add the sugar and coffee powder in it. Mix it well. Keep aside and let it cool. Bring it to room temperature. Take this coffee solution and the milk and pour them together in a blender. Churn it for a couple of seconds. Crush the ice. Add it along with the cream in the blender. Again blend it for a few seconds. It will become foamy. Pour it in tall glasses and serve immediately and serve chilled. The taste can be enriched if you add a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream. Well you can add more than one scoop. Nobody is stopping you. You can also top it with grated chocolate or whipped cream.So now when you know , give the cocktails and mocktails rest. Serve this at parties. Guests might be surprised initially, but that is surely going to be a pleasant surprise. Or when the little ones at your house through tantrum for the artificial drinks, serve them this. You no longer have to worry about their addictions to the soft drinks. Whether it is sweaty summer or the wet monsoon or even the winter, who cares? It can be sipped any time. Those who do not prefer coffee, make it once. You will definitely fall in with this. It definitely refreshes you.

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