Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Needn't Live in Fear …

    One of the key strategies that drug companies depend on to make
medicalization of society work is targeting your news media with stories
designed to create fears about a condition or disease, and draw attention
to the latest treatment. This has led to problems on several key levels:

        People with benign, normal symptoms end up taking dangerous
drugs. Once you're convinced that natural signs of aging and common
conditions are diseases or treatable symptoms, you take drugs for such
things as balding, anxiety, mild bone loss and indigestion, which puts
your health at risk over issues that were not true illnesses or risks in
the first place.

        Further, many of these conditions are entirely treatable with
diet and lifestyle modifications.

        People who are tested regularly end up undergoing unnecessary
treatments with drugs and invasive surgery. Very few people after middle
age can pass standard medical tests without being told that they have
some sort of "risk."

        This risk is then turned into a pseudo-disease leading to such
things as dangerous breast and colon surgery and "preventive"
medications, instead of outlining natural strategies that would actually
help a person's health to thrive.

        As a result of "disease mongering," the more the medical industry
influences a nation, the sicker that nation "considers itself to be." It
eats away at your self-confidence and teaches you that you're weak and
incapable of staying well, and that all signs and symptoms are
potentially dangerous conditions and diseases.

        Truly, this sort of marketing has blurred the lines of what drugs
and surgery you really need to save your life, and which may end up
killing you faster.

        Rather than focusing more time and attention on your health as
you age, or as you see degeneration setting in, you might settle for a
"diagnosis" and the latest medications. The only winners in this grand
scheme are the ones who profit financially.

It's Time to Take Control of Your Health

    Drug companies will try to convince you that you're sick. Your
physician, too, may encourage you to seek drug treatments that aren't
really necessary and are very likely dangerous.

    The only way to break out of this self-destructive system is to take
a stand for yourself, and take control of your own health.

    One of the primary purposes of is to provide you with the
insight to protect and defend yourself from these persuasive and
manipulative influences. I encourage you to browse through the site and
get educated about how to get and stay well without drugs, surgery, and
other often-unnecessary medical interventions.

    If you're just beginning, read my nutrition plan first, as its
recommendations come from decades of experience in which I have
researched extensively, conferred with my professional colleagues, and
most importantly, successfully treated tens of thousands of patients.

    And always remember: first and foremost, drug companies are nearly
always trying to sell you something that there are better natural
solutions for. They're not really concerned if you're sick or well, or
whether you get healthy or sicker; they just want you to buy their
products. But in far more cases than not, there are more effective and
safer options than drugs to help you get well.

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God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.
Larry Nelson

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