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Aluminum toxicity produces symptoms of poor calcium metabolism similar to osteoporosis including softening of the bones and rickets. Aluminum ingestion impairs absorption of selenium and phosphorus. Because low serum phosphate causes the bones to dissolve and the muscles to weaken, consumption of aluminum reduces total bone and matrix formation as well as periosteal bone and matrix formation. The weakened muscles can become painful, ache or twitch. Dialysis patients who get large doses of aluminum risk the formation of osteomalacia.

Gastointestinal irritation and disturbances produce colic, loss of apetite (anorexia), esophagitis, gastroenteritis

Hepatic dysfunction (decreased liver function) can result in anemia and loss of energy.

Additional symptoms include dyspnea, headaches.

Benefits of organic aluminum in the brain
Although there is a large amount of aluminum in dirt, it actually only found in small amounts in plants. Minute amounts of organic aluminum are needed in the brain to catalyze (activate) important enzyme systems. The herb gotu kola, which has a reputation as a memory booster and brain enhancer is assayed to have amoung the highest levels of aluminum of all herbs. (see Organic vs. Inorganic.)

Toxicity of inorganic aluminum in nerve and brain tissues
Suprisingly, aluminum is needed in very minute amounts to activate enzyme systems in the brain.

Excessive aluminum evidently accumulates in long-lived cells such as nerve cells where it gradually poisons and kills the cells.

Brain functions are disturbed by the deposit of (even relatively small) excessive levels of aluminum. When aluminum salts accumulate in the brain, they reduce mental faculties. Aluminum toxicity in the brain produces symptoms similar to Alzheimer's disease. Symptoms include forgetfulness, speech disturbances, memory loss, dementia, psychosis, extreme neverousness, encephalopathy, ataxia and seizures.

Alzheimer's disease is probably directly related to accumulation of inorganic aluminum in the brain. Aluminum-injected rats learn at a slower rate and have aluminum concentrations in their brains parallel to thos found in the brains of Alzeheimer's patients. There has been some controversy over the concept that aluminum deposits may be result of Alzheimer's rather than the cause of it. Some believe that aluminum becomes deposited on the debris of dead cells.

The level of aluminum in ground water around the world does not seem to be related to the incidence of Alzheimer's.

Aluminum toxicity can also produce motor nerve paralysis and localized numbness.

The Aluminum - Magnesium Link

Research have suggested that aluminum may be more likely to accumulate in the brains of persons whose diets are magnesium-deficient -- which, unfortunately, includes 90% of Americans! Several studies have shown that animals fed diets low in magnesium accumulate high concentrations of aluminum in the Central Nervous System. One of magnesium's many functions is to activate the enzyme tubulin involved in the maintenance of nerve tissue cells. It has been suggested that when there is not enough Magnesium in the body to plug into the appropriate receptor site on the tubulin enzyme, aluminum takes its place instead. This leads to the inactivation of tubulin and, consequently, inadequate nerve function. Malic acid can pull aluminum away from this enzyme, making a place for magnesium. This may be a protection against Alzheimer's disease. Malic Acid is found abundantly in fruits such as apples. Malic Acid is also produced in the human body. It is a metabolite of the Krebs cycle the set of biochemical reactions used to produce 90% of all energy in the cells of the body. Malic Acid readily crosses the Blood-Brain-Barrier and has been shown to bind to aluminum. It functions in the body by drawing aluminum away from the tubulin enzyme, so that Magnesium can plug into the receptor sites instead. Malic Acid's unique ability to bind with aluminum means it can be flushed out of the body, preventing unwanted build-up.
Because a Magnesium-deficient diet may increase the amount of aluminum taken up and stored by the body, it is vitally important that we take in sufficient amounts.

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