Friday, January 4, 2013

Rise of Disease

Any disease, big or small originates from the mind. Disturbance in the mind, if not managed in time, manifests itself in some sort of a physical ailment.

How can daily stress and unresolved issues cause disease?

Our bodily functions are controlled by a complex play of various hormones, enzymes and chemicals. The production of these chemicals is done by the pituitary-pineal-hypothalamus gland complex in our brain. The brain acts after getting the signals from the mind.

A peaceful and relaxed mind will send normal impulses to the brain, whereas, a stressful mind, will generate chaotic impulses, leading to a disturbance in the brain's gland complex. This will further lead to minor metabolic defects. These defects gradually become major defects, producing a spectrum of diseases.

For example, let us see how stress can lead to major heart problems: Stress

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