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Everyone knows someone with cancer or that has died from cancer. It's
time for some new awareness...knowledge and real honesty about cancer,
treatment and recovery, not death from cancer and/or its treatment.
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Natural Alternatives vs. Prescription Drugs

Natural Alternatives

Natural alternatives to prescription drugs are a growing phenomenon.
Alternative medicine might be thought of as any health care which is not
a part of the mainstream medical establishment. Despite the tremendous
disparity in philosophy, organization, practice, and origins of the
myriad types of alternative medicine, the growing acceptance and use of
these therapies is part of a single cultural phenomenon Mainstream
Medicine And Alternative Medicine.

Firstly let me deal with the critical differences between mainstream
medicine and alternative medicine. And why the latter is cause for
concern. In short, prescription drugs are a scientific endeavor, and
alternative medicine is not. We know that alternative medicine was being
used in ancient times long before conventional medicine came into the
scene. Mainstream medicine is finally taking note of the herbal industry
Herbal Supplements.

More and more people are taking note of herbal therapies to treat various
kinds of ailments in place of mainstream medicine. Herbal supplements are
a type of dietary supplement that contain herbs, either singly or in
mixtures. An herb (also called a botanical) is a plant or plant part used
for its scent, flavor, and/or therapeutic properties. It is interesting
to note that there were not so many mortal pestilence diseases in those
days. What has caused this never-ending increase of deadly diseases that
is inflicting such havoc on the body today?

Is Conventional Medicine Really The Answer?

If conventional medicine was the answer to these diseases, why have they
increased, and why are so many people dying from these devastating
illnesses? And why do so many people seem to be convinced that
alternative medicine made by God do not have healing virtues as the
conventional medicine made by man? Why is information about cures so
often suppressed even though conventional medicine very often interferes
with the natural process of healing?

People are so coerced to use conventional medicine that they refuse to
even give alternative medicine a chance because advertisements have such
great influence when heard often enough, that the public is convinced.
Have you ever noticed the way conventional medicines are advertised? It
seems apparent that every effort is made to highlight the possible
negative effects.

Complementary Medicine

Next what comes into the scene is complementary medicine, another
treatment which is used along with conventional medicine to affect a
cure. However, not all complementary medicine must be used with
conventional medicine to be effective. For example: When the word
"cholesterol" comes to mind some of us may think of it as deadly. The
truth about cholesterol is that it isn't deadly at all, it's a vital substance.
Cholesterol is actually a very important part of our bodies
because it's used to form cell membranes and is needed for other
functions in our bodies. However, it's when there are excessive levels of
cholesterol in the blood that cholesterol can become dangerous. There are
different ways one can develop high cholesterol. Your body, mainly the
liver, can produce too much cholesterol and a poor diet will almost
always do it. You must follow a strict, permanent, and healthy lifestyle
to take control of your cholesterol.

This includes:

    Getting more active
    Eating foods that are low in cholesterol
    Maintaining a diet rich in soluble fiber

Dietary Supplements

There are also many natural alternatives that can be used to compliment a
healthy lifestyle. Lecithin, which is a natural substance derived from
the soybean, is one of the most effective supplements available to lower


What just hovers onto my mind is why most people don't try natural
remedies. Very often a simple massage is the answer to a problem. I
personally have not had a headache for many years. There was a time when
I was headache-prone, and got into the habit of using synthetic medicines
to ease the pain, but after I decided to try natural treatments and
medicines, I changed my diet from eating 'junk' foods and tried to stop
using those synthetic headache remedies. Now they are virtually no more a
part of my life. I have helped many, many persons to be rid of a headache
by just simply giving them a massage as mentioned above. Many had
headaches lingering for days, and after about 20 minutes of massage, they
miraculously stopped.


Think of the thousands of persons who might have been alive today if only
they had known, and had been encouraged, to use certain natural remedies
to be healed. It is not the intention of this article to condemn the use
of conventional medicine, like prescription drugs. There have been
countless such cases where, without the administration of conventional
medicine, many persons would not have survived. However, it is my hope
that conventional medicine in the field of drugs will one day give way to
alternative medicine, and conventional medicine will retain its place in
the field of surgery and other traumatic conditions where it cannot be
replaced. Natural alternatives are not only much safer than using
prescription drugs but also a lot cheaper.


Chris Read    
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Disclaimer...What you read on this site is opinion only. I am not
a doctor or any specialist in anything pertaining to this site. I'm
only a cancer survivor for over 5 years due to the alternative approach.
I did NOT follow the medical approach...I followed the alternative
approach to curing cancer. Now you know why I have a strong opinion.

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