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Genital Herpes - Natural and Alternative Treatment Remedies

The Herpes Simplex Virus
Modern medical science has not been able to produce a cure for the herpes
simplex virus (HSV) and can only offer pharmaceutical solutions that help
ease the pain and speed up recovery from a genital herpes outbreak. For
those that don't want to turn to medication to manage a lifetime of
outbreaks, several holistic and natural remedies may offer a safer

Topical Treatment Options
While there is no cure for genital herpes, many holistic treatment
resources and studies have shown that naturally occurring plants and
foods are effective at managing herpes outbreaks:

    bee honey
    Prunella Vulgaris herb
    Tea Tree oil
    Lemon Balm
    Aloe Vera
    red marine algae

Soothing The Pain
During an outbreak the following daily practices will help soothe the
pain and inflammation of the outbreak: warm sitz bathes 3 - 4 times a day
 (sitting in a bath with your knees up) use a hair dryer to dry the areas
with outbreaks wear loose fitting cotton underwear that is absorbent
to reduce inflammation and swelling take aspirin or ibuprofen

Diet Helpers
There are several foods that researches have discovered in certain
studies that have a beneficial effect on reducing the number of outbreaks
people will have over time. The following foods have been noted in
scientific research studies as having a positive effect:

    cranberries (which naturally contain proanthocyanidin A-1)
    broccoli, cabbage and brussels (which naturally contain
    indole-3-carbinol)lysine supplement.

As genital herpes is a viral infection it is important to keep your level
of overall health high and avoid getting run down mentally or physically
- as this is when viruses are successful at resurfacing. As part of your
daily lifestyle you should try the following:

    get plenty of sleep
    manage stress effectively
    eat a balanced and health diet
    reach out and talk to someone you can trust

Since most of these genital herpes natural remedies are considered
reasonably safe, it may be worth investigating these holistic options
before turning to invasive and costly medical treatments. Ensure to
discuss any alternative treatment strategies with your health care
practitioner before starting them.

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