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More Q&A on Treating & Curing Cancer.

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Question #3

The FDA would never approve a chemotherapy drug unless it was
scientifically proven, beyond any doubt, that the drug
sigificantly extends the total life of a cancer patient.

True or false?

Answer: This comment needs some explanation because the goal
of the pharmaceutical industry is to maximize their profits.
Think about it, can you maximize your profits better if your
patients live 5 years or 3 years? Obviously, 5 years. So there
is some motivation to extend the life of cancer patients.

However, think about this also. If you cure the patient after
one year, how much profits do you make after they are cured?
Not much.

Thus, the goal of orthodox medicine is to make cancer into a
chronic disease, like diabetes, where the patient has many
years of treatment.

Also, understand that chemotherapy drugs do not target cancer
cells, they target fast-growing cells. There is a significant
difference between targeting fast-growing cells versus targeting
cancer cells.

First, some cancer cells are slow growing, thus chemotherapy
does not target them and may not kill them. Second, some non-
cancerous cells are fast growing, thus chemotherapy may target
them and kill them.

Thus, to target fast growing cells instead of cancer cells is
a huge difference.

But more importantly, because chemotherapy drugs do not target
cancer cells chemotherapy drugs cannot stop the spread of cancer.

If enough chemotherapy were given to a cancer patient that the
drugs stopped the spread of the cancer, the patient would die
from the toxicity of the chemotherapy.

Thus, the FDA has NEVER in their history approved a drug that
targeted cancer cells and/or stopped the spread of cancer.
Ponder that carefully.

However, scores of natural substances have been proven to target
cancer cells, or do no harm to non-cancerous cells, and thus STOP
the spread of cancer and cure the patient. Scores of natural
molecules have been proven to do that!!

The FDA has NEVER approved one of the natural substances known
to target cancer cells, or do no harm to non-cancerous cells,and thus
stop the spread of cancer and cure the patient.

Thus, everything the FDA has approved:
1) Is very profitable to the pharmaceutical industry,
2) Does NOT target cancer cells,
3) Does NOT stop the spread of cancer, and
4) Does NOT cure the patient.

Technically speaking, the drugs may slow down the cancer, and
thus put the patient in remission, but in the vast majority of
cases the patient comes out of remmision and dies of cancer or
the cancer treatment. Thus the drugs approved by the FDA are
more and more profitable to the pharmaceutical industry (because
the patient is on the treatment longer), but they do not stop
the spread of cancer or cure any patients.

Also, the FDA has NEVER approved any of the natural molecules,
1) Are not highly profitable to the pharmaceutical industry,
2) DO target cancer cells or do no harm to normal cells,
3) DO stop the spread of cancer, and
4) DO cure the patient of cancer, especially if the patient 
    did not go with orthodox treatments first.

Do you see a pattern here? The deciding factor on what is
approved by the FDA is not based on how long a patient lives,
but on how profitable the drug is to the pharmaceutical industry.

So talking about the total life of the patient misses the whole
point of what is going on in orthdox medicine.

This is the key, if the FDA was interested in maximizing the
total life of cancer patients they would only approve natural
substances for the treatment of cancer. That is the key. The
FDA is only interested in increasing the “total life” of the
cancer patient if it means more profits to the pharmaceutical

To hide what they are really doing, the FDA approves
chemotherapy drugs based on the treatment of the symptoms of
cancer. The focus on how long a patient lives is not a focus
on targeting cancer cells, or doing no harm to non-cancerous
cells, and thus stopping the spread of cancer and thus curing
the patient. It is only a focus on profits.

But the approval of chemotherapy drugs is generally based on
how well a new drug does treating symptoms (e.g. tumor size or
putting a patient in remission), compared only to how other
chemotherapy drugs do treating this same symptom!!

Furthermore, when a chemotherapy drug is approved for extending
life, the approval is also based on comparing one chemotherapy
drug (or combination of drugs) to another chemotherapy drug (or
combination of drugs).

Once they got their first chemotherapy drug approved (to treat
symptoms), then all future drugs can be approved by comparing
them to earlier drugs for either extending life or treating symptoms.

Never, never, never, has a chemotherapy drug been approved by
a study comparing the use of the drug on one group of patients,
and comparing this group to a group of patients who refused
treatments (in an FDA filing), nor has a study ever been done
comparing chemotherapy to one of the top alternative cancer
treatments (in an FDA filing).

We have a multi-billion dollar industry that is killing people,
right and left, just for financial gain. Their idea of research
is to see whether two doses of this poison is better than three
doses of that poison.”Dr Glen Warner, M.D. oncologist

Now a person might think that it would be unethical to compare
a chemotherapy drug to those who refuse treatments. If a person
were secretly given a placebo, perhaps that would be unethical.

However, there are plenty of people who voluntarily refuse to
subject themselves to orthodox treatments who could be used in
a study to compare a chemotherapy treatment plan to those who
refuse treatment!!

To understand what is going on, suppose a new drug allows 75%
of the cancer patients, with a specific type of cancer, to live for
2 years after diagnosis. What exactly does this mean if 85% of
those same cancer patients would have survived two years without
any type of orthodox treatment or 97% of those same cancer
patients would have survived 10 years using the best of the
alternative cancer treatments?

Again, the focus of the FDA is on profits, not on “total life,
though the total life may increase in order for the pharmaceutical
industry to make higher profits.

The FDA executives are not innocent bystanders in the war
between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine. The FDA is
100% behind the pharmaceutical industry and 0% behind alternative
medicine. They are just as guilty as the pharamceutical executives,
just as guilty as the AMA executives, and just as guilty as anyone
else lying to the American people by telling them prescription
chemotharapy is in the best interests of cancer patients or that
alternative cancer treatments are worthless.

Nor can Congress plead stupidity and hide behind the skirts of
the FDA. The members of Congress also have their hands in the
pockets of the pharmaceutical industry.

Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2006 R. Webster Kehr, all rights


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