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People from all over the world have had life-changing success with his program.
Many of them leave inspiring testimonials and thank you notes on thedoctor’s

Like Mandy Rodrigues from North Wales. She said,

    "How does one begin to thank someone for saving their life? I was
diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in January 2002... following your regime my
blood glucose levels have dropped to 6.4 - 7.1... I fully expect my BG levels
to fall further over the coming weeks (after all, I have only been on the
regime for 11 days)!"

And Pamela Nordick, who wrote,

    "I've never been in such tight control of my blood sugars. I haven't been
this thin since before being diagnosed. Thank you... for sharing your wisdom
with us. I honestly think I might not be here today, if I hadn't found such

 Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks

 We've prepared a report with the most essential information about this break
through plan for reversing diabetes.

In this report  called Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks: What the ADA Won’t Tell
You, you'll discover:

    Why listening to the advice of the American Diabetes Association
guarantees that you never totally manage your diabetes. This "conventional
wisdom" among diabetics likely leads to more drug use and complications than
any other mainstream advice.

    Why following the "6-12-12" rule could completely eliminate the insulin
roller coaster and keep your blood sugar in a healthy range. Even after meals
or when you don't have time for a snack.

    How following a few simple guidelines could prevent eye problems, frozen
shoulders, inflamed legs, kidney problems, and other diabetes-related

And again, I’d like to send this report to you absolutely free.

It's this type of in-depth, behind-the-scenes reporting we bring to each
monthly issue of Natural Health Dossier.

If you aren't a full member of The Institute for Natural Healing community,
you may be wondering where we came from.

It all started with Mr. Mark Ford, our multi-millionaire sponsor. Mark was no
novice to the health world. He had worked as a business consultant to the
industry for over 20 years.

But despite his many contacts, he wasn't happy. There wasn't enough good
health advice for the public. "The mainstream health industry is filled with
myths and bad science," he told me at our first meeting." The alternative
press is better.  But just barely. It’s still plagued by bias and personal

So he decided to create his own independent, science-based research group.

At first his reasons were personal. He’d had some health scares himself. But
more important, he'd seen too many friends and family members die needlessly.
It wasn't just disease that killed them either... They were misdiagnosed or
mistreated by conventional medicine.

So Mark decided that his group would focus only on natural cures for every
sort of health challenge.

His researchers would cover the most pressing and dangerous problems like
diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. But they would also report onimprovements
for the more routine health concerns like pain relief,eliminating allergies, and
improving eyesight...

The team started with just one researcher. From there it quickly expanded to
include three PhDs, three MDs, two nutritionists, three best-selling medical
authors, and the publisher of one of the world's largest natural health
information services.

How was Mr. Ford able to assemble all these amazing healers?

Simple: Lots of money and loads of high-level industry contacts.

He found that many medical practices in Europe and America had no proven basis
in scientific research.

And I'm not talking about obscure therapies. I'm talking about the most common
practices in mainstream medicine today... Including most heart bypass operations,
stents, mastectomies, and a ton of other common treatments.

The more research he read, the more obvious it became... Big business and
government agencies were in cahoots to promote drugs and surgery. Even where
no evidence was available to support it. And they were ignoring or degrading
proven natural cures.

But he did find a few brave doctors willing to tell the truth. So Mr. Ford
ended his early retirement to help those doctors get their ideas and research
out to the public. And he created The Institute for Natural Healing.

His team prepared a monthly report  a dossier, he called it. It had to cover
the most relevant, most important, and most recent medical and health
information. Not just from American universities and hospitals... but from any
reliable and proven research published anywhere in the world.

While he didn't know it at the time, this became the basis for Natural Health

Today our monthly publication quietly circulates among a small circle of about
25,000 people.

The mainstream media simply can't cover the latest medical stories as
thoroughly and unbiased as we do. They would lose hundreds of millions of
dollars in pharmaceutical advertising every year. They just aren’t willing to
part with that kind of money.

Because we're outside the influence of the medical establishment, no one can
control what we tell you.

Whether we’re blowing the lid off cancer cures you won’t discover anywhere
else... overlooked treatments for diabetes… or the true story behind heart

For example, you may be shocked to learn that:

75% of heart attack patients have normal cholesterol!

That’s right. Cholesterol isn’t the problem.

A national study by UCLA medical school showed that only 25% of hospitalized
heart attack patients had high risk cholesterol levels!

So if cholesterol isn’t the problem, why hasn’t anyone told you that?

Perhaps it’s because the U.S. pharmaceutical industry makes $25 billion
dollars every year selling cholesterol-lowering drugs.

That in itself is bad enough. But what is worse is that most popular
cholesterol-lowering drugs are dangerous. Recent studies suggest that many of
them may lead to diabetes which increases your risk for heart disease--the
very disease they are supposed to prevent!

It’s outrageous.

But it’s not all bad news


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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