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Is There a Better Way to Address Tooth Decay?


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Is There a Better Way to Address Tooth Decay?

    In a recent opinion piece by Lauen Ayers — a local chapter leader of
the Weston A. Price Foundation — commenting on the proposed fluoridation
plan for Sonoma County, CA, she writes:

    “Instead of slapping fluorosilicic acid on the problem like a band-
aid, we should get to the source of the problem – the tidal wave of sugar
that inundates children every day, as UCSF pediatric endocrinologist Robert
Lustig, MD, explains in 'The Bitter Truth.'

        In the USDA breakfast and lunch program,

50 to 65 percent of the calories are from carbohydrates. Sugar is added to everything from applesauce to taco sauce because sugar hits the opiate receptors in the brain, making children addicts. Posters of veggies can’t make kids 'Just Say No' to the sugar-added foods. It’s up to adults to get rid of sugary non-foods.

   Sugar companies also donate to the ADA and similar groups.

In 1949 the Sugar Research Foundation proclaimed their mission: to find out how tooth decay may be controlled effectively without restriction of sugar
intake. Coincidentally, a year later the U.S. Public Health Service endorsed
fluoridation. ... Even fluoride at 0.2 mg/L can harm salmon; if fluoridation
passes, our water would have 0.7 mg/L, three times as much!”

    Clearly, this absurd practice of adding Hexafluorosilicic acid to
drinking water to prevent tooth decay is based more on politics than science.

Why should a water department be given the power to medicate anyone when they
don't take a health history, they don't pass out a listing of side effects,
monitor the dose or the effect? This is tantamount to gross negligence. In
early 2011, the EPA announced11 that 41 percent of American teenagers have
dental fluorosis and recommended cutting the parts per million down to 0.7
ppm. At the time, EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water,

Peter Silva, stated:

    "EPA’s new analysis will help us make sure that people benefit from
tooth decay prevention while at the same time avoiding the unwanted health
effects from too much fluoride.”

    The only safe level when considering the addition of fluoride to
drinking/bathing water is ZERO. I predict that water fluoridation will
become known as one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated against the
public in the 20th and 21st century. That oft-quoted phrase that water fluoridation is one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th Century was created by a Public Relations firm, not hard-core facts. It's time to stop quoting that drivel.

    In his 2012 article Poison is Treatment—Edward Bernays and the Campaign
to Fluoridate America, James F. Tracy reveals the PR campaign that created
this fake public health measure:

   “The wide-scale U.S. acceptance of fluoride-related compounds in
drinking water and a wide variety of consumer products over the past half
century is a textbook case of social engineering orchestrated by Sigmund
Freud’s nephew and the “father of public relations” Edward L. Bernays,” he
writes. “The episode is instructive, for it suggests the tremendous capacity
of powerful interests to reshape the social environment, thereby prompting
individuals to unwarily think and act in ways that are often harmful to
themselves and their loved ones.”

    I highly recommend taking the time to read Tracy’s informative expose on
how good PR can trump science and keep you in the dark for decades, lest you
dig a bit deeper. In the future, water fluoridation will be compared to
tobacco science, DDT science, asbestos science, and thalidomide science — all
grossly manipulated to hide an incredibly costly truth.

    Water fluoridation was invented by brilliant schemers who needed to get
rid of toxic industrial waste that would cost them hundreds of millions of
dollars for proper disposal. They duped politicians with fraudulent science
and endorsements, which is not science, and sold them on a “public health”
idea in which humans are utilized to filter this poison through their bodies,
while 99 percent simply goes down the drain. Adding insult to injury, they
now MAKE hundreds of millions of dollars selling this hazardous industrial
waste, rather than having to pay for its disposal. Hexafluorosilicic acid
manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are laughing all the way to the
bank, seeing how they've finagled municipalities across America to pay them
for poison.

Children Tend to Suffer the Greatest Health Effects

    Water fluoridation came about as the result of a massively successful PR
campaign, originally aimed to protect aluminum and steel producers from
lawsuits against the fluorine pollution coming from their plants. Fluoride
is in fact a toxic substance that accumulates in the human body over time, where it has been shown to wreak havoc with enzymes and produce a number of serious adverse health effects, including neurological and endocrine dysfunction. No less than 25 human studies have also linked fluoride with lowered IQ in children, including recent research from Harvard. Approximately 50 percent of the fluoride that you ingest each day ends up accumulating in your bones over a lifetime.

    Making matters worse, water fluoridation disproportionately harms young
children, as they tend to suffer the greatest health effects. One important
point to remember, which few pediatricians, dentists or other health
professionals stress, is that you should NOT use fluoridated water when
mixing infant formula.

   According to Dr. David Kennedy, who produced and directed the documentary film Fluoridegate — An American Tragedy:

        "One of California’s highest paid and most prolific Fluoridation
advocate admits that giving an infant a formula made with fluoridated tap
water will overdose the baby and cause the teeth to come in spotted and
fluorotic. One can only wonder why such insanity persists in our country  when it has been banned in so many other more advanced democracies."

   Thank You Dr. Mercola

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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