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Afraid to say no to kemotherapy.

Hi folks, After reading this article before I posted it here...I
caught myself wondering if I would have followed this. Please read
this with an open mind.


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Chemo may be a good choice after all!!!

Most Doctors are Ignoring it.

It's bad enough that doctors reject at least two dozen safe, effective
alternative cancer treatments.

But now I've learned there are mainstream, FDA-approved drug treatments that
work far better than those used by nine out of ten cancer doctors - and the
medical profession STILL WON'T USE THEM.

How can this possibly be?

I'll tell you how. It's the great oddity of modern medicine:  Cutting-edge
treatments exist for even your worst health nightmares, but most traditional
doctors either don't know about them or completely ignore them.
That goes double for cancer breakthroughs -- and it's costing people their

Many patients - even those who prefer alternative medicine -- feel they can't
turn their feel they can't turn their backs totally on chemotherapy, surgery
and radiation. Their doctor, their family, and everybody else insists they
submit to the same mainstream treatments other patients get.

The patient may be ready to try something new, but the pressure to conform can
be too hard to resist. Your treatment could be failing miserably and the
people around you still won't listen. They don't "get it"--and it's your
health on the line!

"Other doctors had written me off for dead"

Elizabeth was a successful physician and the medical director of her own
laboratory. She was in the prime of life. Then disaster struck...hard! She was
diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of ovarian cancer.

Her oncologists determined that chemotherapy, rather than radiation or
surgery, was Elizabeth 's best option.

Then came another huge blow: After two months, she learned that the
chemotherapy she was using--the "first choice" of cancer doctors to fight
ovarian cancer--was having ZERO effect on the growth of her tumor.
The next chemo drug she tried failed as well. Time was running out and her
doctors had resigned themselves: she was close to the end.

Desperate for help, Elizabeth had her tumor cells sent to be analyzed and
tested by a visionary doctor. (I'll call him Dr. Bob - you'll receive full
details of his amazing new approach in the Special Report "CANCER 

Dr. Bob identified a certain combination of chemo drugs to use.  In the
laboratory, this custom-designed, personalized combo effectively killed her
cancer cells. Elizabeth started taking it immediately.

The result? In just three weeks, Elizabeth 's tumor started to shrink

Five years later, she remains completely cancer-free!

You'll find the remarkable details about Dr. Bob's methods, and other
breakthroughs from cancer geniuses just like him, in the pages of a new
Special Report entitled CANCER PIONEERS.


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