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The Parable of the Thugs and the Preachers.



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The Parable of the Thugs and the Preachers.

Using a parable, this chapter specifically discusses why it is so important
get rid of the cancer cells as quickly as possible and discusses ways to
safely accomplish this task.

This chapter is somewhat similar to the prior chapters, but this chapter will
focus on setting priorities when dealing with advanced cancer. You will
better understand the enemy you are dealing with and the challenges you are
facing when treating advanced cancer. You will understand why treating cancer
is a race against time. People who routinely work with cancer patients
frequently experience this race against time and understand why treating
cancer is literally a race!!

Suppose there were 100 thugs who were locked in a building with 100
preachers. No one, neither the thugs nor the preachers, is ever allowed to
leave the building.

Suppose at every opportunity the thugs beat up the preachers. The preachers,
over time, got weaker and weaker because of getting beat up daily by the

As time goes on the preachers start dying one by one from their beatings.
Every time a preacher dies, this changes the ratio of thugs to preachers. In
other words, every time a preacher dies the ratio of thugs to preachers

This sets up a cascading scenario where as time goes on the preachers die
more and more frequently.

In addition, more thugs are allowed inside the building from time to time,
but no new preachers are ever allowed inside the building.

As time goes on it looks inevitable that the day would come when there would
be no preachers left at all.

You, a police officer, are assigned to go in and help nourish the preachers
back to health.

What is the first thing you should do? Think about your priorities (relative
to cancer) for a moment before going on. Would your focus be on getting rid
of the thugs (i.e. the cancer cells) or nourishing the preachers (the non-
cancerous cells)?

Here are your options:
1) Get rid of the thugs, or
2) Nourish the preachers, or
3) Start building a weight lifting room?

Obviously you would want to both get rid of the thugs and help nourish the
preachers. But this is not one of the options. The first thing you should do
is nourish the preachers!!

Why is this a higher priority than getting rid of the thugs?

Thinking about cancer, the first priority is to keep the patient alive. It
takes far longer to get rid of the thugs (i.e. the cancer cells) than to
nourish the non-cancerous cells.

But the things that can energize the non-cancerous cells can sometimes
energize the cancer cells. The reader might think that energizing the cancer
cells is a bad thing, but actually it is a good thing because when energized
the cancer cells have less need to steal nutrients from the non-cancerous

Cancer cells are dangerous because they lack energy (technically they lack
ATP molecules). When you provide outside energy to the cancer cells they have
less need to steal energy from the body.

Substances that will nourish the preachers the quickest and the most
effective are: the Budwig Protocol, Cellect, Vibe by Eniva, Limu Juice,
Mangosteen Juice, Grape Juice (e.g. the Brandt Grape Cure), Wolfberry (or
Goji) juice and Noni Juice.

In addition, D-Ribose is required because it can get past the lactic acid to
the non-cancerous cells. Another key substance to deal with cachexia is MSM
plus Vitamin C. MSM plus Vitamin C can also help the body get rid of the
lactic acid. However, Vitamin C cannot be used with some protocols.

These are the things that can most quickly stabilize the patient.

Once the patient has been on these energy-boosting products, then the
treatment can focus on killing the cancer cells or reverting the cancer cells
into normal cells.

Reverting the cancer cells into normal cells is superior to killing the
cancer cells because reverting cancer cells into normal cells does not create
nearly as much toxic debris caused by dead cancer cells.

The problem is that finding protocols that revert cancer cells into normal
cells can be difficult or expensive.

One way is to use a "Rife Machine." These devices are now called "Frequency
Generators." For example, the GB-4000 frequency generators are excellent ways
to revert cancer cells into normal cells.

Many years ago medical doctors were curing cancer by extracting some blood,
bombarding it with ultraviolet light, and then replacing the blood. The
hemoglobin "remembered" the ultraviolet light frequencies (i.e. they
continued to vibrate even after they were put back into the body) and killed
the microbes inside and outside of the cancer cells (microbes have
photosensitive amino acids). This protocol reverted cancer cells into normal
cells in less than 3 weeks. However, this protocol was largely used prior to
chemotherapy, so its effectiveness on today's cancer patients is not fully

Currently ultraviolet protocols are only used at clinics (the key
abbreviation to search for is: "UVBI"). See the book: Into the Light -
Tomorrow's Medicine Today, by Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.). In
this book it is shown how to use this protocol at home if a nurse is

The "Overnight Cure For Cancer" has done very well, but much more feedback
from cancer patients who use the various protocols is needed in order to
fine-tune these protocols.

Basically, all electromedicine protocols, all ultraviolet light protocols and
most DMSO and MSM based protocols will be able to revert cancer cells into
normal cells.

In summary, the keys to remember are:
First, flood the body with special nutrients,
Second, revert cancer cells into normal cells, if you can,
Third, kill cancer cells if you have no other choice.

Understanding This Logic

It is generally not cancer cells which kill a person, it is the damage done
to the non-cancerous cells and damage done to the organs which kills cancer
patients. The damage is done because of the cancer cells.

However, a person can more quickly energize and provide nutrients to the
cancer cells and non-cancerous cells than they can get rid of the cancer

Cancer cells are "beating-up" non-cancerous cells and organs in several
different ways:

First, cancer cells steal glucose from non-cancerous cells because cancer
cells consume about 15 times more glucose than normal cells.

Second, cancer cells steal nutrients (e.g. minerals, vitamins, etc.) from
non-cancerous cells.

Third, cancer cells convert glucose into lactic acid. The lactic acid goes
into the bloodstream and is captured by the liver. The liver converts the
lactic acid into glucose. The glucose then goes into the bloodstream and is
captured by the cancer cells (which consume 15 times more glucose than normal
cells). This cachexia cycle goes back and forth.

The problem is that every time a cancer cell converts glucose into lactic
acid, an enormous amount of energy is consumed. Likewise, the liver consumes
enormous amounts of energy when it converts the lactic acid back into
glucose. It is the energy which is stolen because of the lactic acid cycle
which kills many cancer patients. This is one reason why advanced cancer
patients are so weak and may eventually lose their appetite.

Fourth, the fact that cancer cells excrete lactic acid creates another
problem for cancer patients. Lactic acid in the bloodstream blocks glucose
and nutrients from getting inside of normal cells. This is another reason
cancer patients are weak and another reason to flood the body with super-

This is the main reason D-Ribose is required. D-Ribose is used by body-
builders to get energy past lactic acid. It is available at any health food

In other words, as the number of cancer cells increases (and the number of
non-cancerous cells which are severely damaged increases), the number of
healthy non-cancerous cells decreases, but this number decreases at an
increasing rate!!

As mentioned elsewhere, hydrazine sulfate, D Ribose and MSM are frequently
used in the treatment of the cachexia cycle. However, hydrazine sulfate can
be extremely dangerous to work with if you do not carefully study the

The point is that any very advanced cancer patient is going to have a body
full of lactic acid.

As the ratio of thugs to preachers increases over time, an increasing ratio
of the power of cancer cells (the thugs) to the decreasing power of the
healthy non-cancerous cells and organs (the preachers) results. While there
will always be far more non-cancerous cells than cancer cells, it is the
growing damage to the non-cancerous cells that frequently kills cancer


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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