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Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol!


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Issue Three - Stopping the Spread of Cancer

Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol

by R. Webster Kehr

This cancer protocol is very effective at getting rid ofcancer cells, however,
this protocol does not contain the super-nutrients which deal with reversing
damage to the non-cancerous cells due to cancer(e.g. lactic acid),
chemotherapy, radiation, etc.

Most cancer patients die as a result of the damage to their non-cancerous
cells. While hydrogen peroxide is an excellent cancer treatment, it is not a
complete protocol which deals with the most dangerous issues faced by
advanced cancer patients.

Futhermore, this protocol does not have expert technical (e.g. telephone)
support; which is the single most important factor in surviving advanced

By itself, this protocol is only rated as being effective for newly diagnosed
cancer patients who have not had severe damage to their non-cancerous cells
and immune system by chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery.

In addition, even for newly diagnosed cancer patients, this protocol is not
considered strong enough, by itself, to treat fast-spreading cancers or
cancers that have spread significantly.

This protocol is also effective as a supplemental protocol to the more
complete protocols (e.g. the Bill Henderson Protocol) which deal with the
damage to non-cancerous cells and the immune system. However, this protocol
is not compatible with a few of the higher rated protocols (the technical
expert of the higher rated protocol will make this determination).

If you are an advanced cancer patient who has had a lot of chemotherapy,
radiation or surgery or you have a potentially fast-growing cancer, do not
use this protocol as your primary cancer treatment.

WARNING: Do NOT use Hydrogen Peroxide as part of any enema. Hydrogen
peroxide can expand and cause very serious health problems.

Introduction to Hydrogen Peroxide As A Cancer Treatment

This article describes how to use hydrogen peroxide in the treatment of
cancer. However, this article will go much further into the theory of
hydrogen peroxide than other articles. For example, this article will discuss
why the protein coating which covers all cancer cells may reduce the
effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide protocol and how to overcome this

But before getting into the use of hydrogen peroxide to treat cancer, it
should be emphasized that while hydrogen peroxide is an excellent treatment
for cancer, using hydrogen peroxide to cure cancer does not deal with many
key issues faced by advanced cancer patients whose bodies have been severely
damaged by their cancer and by their orthodox cancer treatments. In many
cases, it is not the cancer cells which kill cancer patients, but rather other
issues, such as damage to key organs, damage to non-cancerous cells, etc.

Examples of what hydrogen peroxide does not deal with would include:
1) rebuilding the immune system,
2) rebuilding the damage done to the stomach and colon by chemotherapy,
3) dealing with cachexia directly,
4) protecting the non-cancerous cells from the damage done by cancer and
orthodox treatments.
5) protecting the organs from damage caused by the cancer and orthodox
treatments, etc. etc.

Advanced cancer patients who have had significant orthodox cancer treatments
are strongly encouraged to integrate this protocol with treatments which deal
with other issues faced by advanced cancer patients.

However, BEFORE doing this the warnings below should be studied carefully.

The Treatment of Stage IV Cancers

Getting Hydrogen Peroxide Inside the Cancer Cells

Note: Unlike other products which kill microbes, do NOT use DMSO to get
hydrogen peroxide inside of cancer cells. This is not a safe procedure
according to my information.

It has been clinically demonstrated that the spread or metastatis of cancer
is inversely proportional to the amount of oxygen around the cancer cells.
The more oxygen, the slower the cancer spreads. The less oxygen, the faster
the cancer spreads. If cancer cells get enough oxygen, they will die (cancer
cells are anaerobic). It is thought that hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells
because cancer cells do not have the mechanism to break down hydrogen
peroxide that healthy cells have.

The issue in curing cancer with hydrogen peroxide boils down to getting
enough hydrogen peroxide inside the cancer cells.

Every cancer cell has a thick protein (i.e. enzyme) coating on its surface.
The protein coating blocks many substances, and perhaps much of the hydrogen
peroxide, from getting to the surface of the cell and thus from getting
inside the cell.

So what can be done to get a higher percentage of the hydrogen peroxide past
the protein coating and inside the cancer cells?


Proteolytic enzymes (also called: pancreatic enzymes) literally cut apart the
thick protein coating which covers cancer cells. Proteolytic enzymes are
normally used to cut apart the protein coating so that the immune system can
recognize the cells as cancerous. The use of proteolytic enzymes for this
reason has been around for decades.

By cutting apart the protein coating proteolytic enzymes may also be able to
get much more hydrogen peroxide inside the cancer cells.

There are many, many brands of proteolytic enzyme supplements. One of the
best is Univase Forte. Build up to 7 pills, three times a day for the
standard doses. Higher doses can be used. Use a search engine to find an
online vendor of Univase Forte.

Univase Forte, however, does not contain nattokinase, which helps to dissolve
blood clots. Enzyme supplements which contain nattokinase should not be used
in high doses because they thin the blood too effectively. However, they are
important enzymes to prevent blood clots. If blood clots are a potential
issue for the cancer patient.

(Note: Cancer patients who are taking prescription blood thinners should work
with their medical doctor as they slowly integrate ANY enzyme products with
their prescription drugs!!)

In other words, all cancer patients who use hydrogen peroxide should use a
quality proteolytic enzyme such as Univase Forte. Additionally, those cancer
patients who are concerned about blood clots should use two enzyme
supplements. The enzyme with nattokinase should be used in low doses (no
more than one per day) and the enzyme without nattokinase should be used in
high doses.

These enzymes also break apart hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water, which
is a good thing because it helps prevent some stomach issues to be discussed


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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