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Water Fluoridation...Is it Healthy for us???



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    Water fluoridation...

is considered one of the most notable advancements inpublic health, and
cities around the US spend millions adding fluoride tocommunal water
supplies each year.

    But, as stated in the video above, 99 percent of that fluoridated water
ends up on your lawn and in your toilet, where it’s really nothing but an
environmental pollutant. Then there’s the issue of safety when ingested on a
daily basis...

    An increasing number of dentists and scientists are raising serious
concerns about these chemicals, which by the way have never been approved by
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — the agency responsible for food and
drug safety.

    Many do not realize...

that fluoride is a drug that is available only with aprescription. Yet it's
added to municipal water supplies used by more than180 million
Americans, including infants and the elderly without anyattention
to personalized dosing or potential interactions.

    This is a significant problem, because once you add it to the water
supply, you have no way of determining how much of the drug any
particular person will consume on any given day.

    Also consider this: It is illegal, medical malpractice, and unethical for
a physician to prescribe a drug without specifying dosage, and to fail to
monitor your health for side effects from the drug.

    Yet, your water authority is not only allowed, but encouraged to add a
toxic drug — fluoride — to your drinking water without your consent and
without any way of knowing who in your household is drinking it, how much,
and the effect it is having.

    Worse yet, while scientific studies have been done on pharmaceutical
grade fluoride, none have been made on the fluoride that is actually used for
water fluoridation. This chemical (hexafluorosilicic acid) is an industrial
waste product that is likely to be even more toxic than medical grade

    It’s illegal to dump it into rivers and lakes or release the parent gases
into the atmosphere. In fact, municipalities that decided to stop
fluoridating their water had to keep going until all the chemicals were used
up because they couldn’t afford the hazardous waste disposal fees!

    Dr. William Hirzy from the EPA...

has even pointed out that if it goes intothe air, it's a pollutant. If it goes
into the local water, it's pollution.

But if the public water utilities buy it and purposely pour it in our
drinking water, it's no longer a pollutant. All of a sudden, by some magic
sleight of hand, it's a beneficial public health measure...

Concerns About Water Fluoridation Safety Keep Mounting

    One of the latest outspoken critics of fluoridation is Daniel M. Merfeld,
Ph.D. Professor of Otology and Laryngology at Harvard Medical School,
who has stated that:

        "Most European countries do not fluoridate their water, because such
mass medication is considered ineffective and unethical."

    After reviewing the evidence, Professor Merfeld agrees that water
fluoridation is indeed a form of unchecked mass medication. According to
Merfeld, there are "three indisputable facts” with regards to fluoridation
that makes it a highly questionable practice:

        1) Fluoridation provides an uncontrolled fluoride dose.

        2) Fluoridation began before research showed that fluoride’s benefits
were due to topical application not ingestion.

        3) Fluoridation began before all its side effects were known. When
water is fluoridated, the dose is uncontrolled as the amount ingested varies
with water intake. Can you imagine your health care professional telling you
to just put your prescription drugs in your water, ingest the drugged water
when you are thirsty, and go ahead and share your drugged water with others?

Of course not!

    For those who listen to the propaganda that dental health improved after
water fluoridation was instituted should take note that dental health
actually improved across the board even in areas that did not add fluoride to
their water, simply because better dental care and dental hygiene became
available around the same time.

        "In fact," professor Merfeld says, "research shows no significant
difference in the number of cavities for US communities with and without
fluoride in the drinking water. As another example, the vast majority of West
European countries do not fluoridate; yet the dental health of Western Europe
is no worse than for US communities that fluoridate."


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