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Dear Health Conscious Friend,

Tony P.’s abdomen was riddled with tumors. He was suffering from one of the
hardest to treat cancers — pancreatic. No matter what stage, it’s usually

So when tests revealed his cancer had spread, doctors shook their heads and
recommended Tony get his affairs in order. But he wasn’t ready to give up.
And good thing because…
Less than 2 months later, the tumors were dying off and
Tony's "incurable" cancer was going into remission!

How? The treatment is even more surprising than Tony’s lightning-speed
recovery from “hopeless” cancer.

He didn’t get well from radiation, surgery or chemo (although Tony went
through one round following his diagnosis.) He says his life was saved by an
antioxidant therapy you can buy without a prescription!

Granted, these aren’t ordinary antioxidants like you’ll find in your vitamin

Meet the incredible antioxidant that trounces terminal cancer!

While ordinary antioxidants can help keep you from getting cancer, this
antioxidant discovery actually targets and destroys existing cancer cells —
the ones already growing and forming tumors.

But instead of poisoning cancer cells like chemo, this stuff makes it just
about impossible for them to feed. And when they can’t eat, they can’t
survive — much less spread!

National Cancer Institute confirms this amazing claim

Laboratory studies by the National Cancer Institute show this antioxidant
breakthrough was able to kill 80% or more of cancer cells in less than two

While the medical research is very exciting, what’s even more impressive are
recoveries of cancer survivors just like Tony...
His survival from final-stage pancreatic cancer
isn’t just a lucky roll of the dice

Many other patients like Tony are beating a death sentence of “incurable”
brain cancers and lymphomas with this same antioxidant formula. While others
still are defeating hopeless cancers of the lungs, prostate and kidneys.

They feel better during treatment too. Because antioxidants go to work
naturally in the body, there are no debilitating side effects like hair loss
or weakening of the immune system. In fact, many cancer sufferers report
improved digestion and fewer colds.

And here’s another plus: this daily antioxidant therapy won’t break the bank.

It costs as little as $75 a month!

There’s only one problem. Next to nobody knows about it…
That means millions of cancer patients are fighting for their lives without
the benefit of this breakthrough natural treatment. And the FDA is working
hard to keep it that way. In a moment, I’ll tell you more about this shocking
cover-up. First I want you to know how…

You can learn all about this amazing antioxidant cancer treatment, including
where to get it and how to use it.

As remarkable as it is, this little-known antioxidant is just the first of
more than 50 safe and effective alternative cancer treatments in a book by
Bill Henderson called Cancer-Free.

“He’s giving hope, help and real choice to cancer sufferers all over the world.”

Over the last 12 years Bill has learned more about beating cancer than most

While he’s not a doctor or even a nutritionist, he has fought in the trenches
with cancer patients suffering through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

In 1994 Bill lost his beloved wife to cancer. After going through that, he
couldn’t believe that millions of people each year have to suffer the same
useless, toxic treatments as she did.

So he set out to find alternative choices for anyone who has cancer. In
Cancer-Free he reveals exceptional treatments that are quietly saving
patients with cancers of all kinds and at all stages, even advanced and
“terminal” cases!

Now I’m not talking about pie-in-the-sky that he heard about from somebody.
I’m talking about treatments that he thoroughly checked out during years of
dedicated research.

What’s more, he’s coached more than three thousand patients on how to beat
their cancers using treatments like the powerful antioxidant therapy that
saved Tony P.! Bill Henderson has identified dozens of other supplements,
diet changes and detoxification methods that can get you cancer-free

    A plant extract as powerful as chemotherapy but without the dangers. This
stuff is killing colon cancer cells at ‘10,000 times the potency of
Adriamycin’ (a common chemo drug.) Over 20 studies show it selectively kills
malignant cancer cells without harming healthy ones. Plus it works for
breast, prostate and lung cancers too! (page 150)

    An intravenous treatment of immune boosting “blood peptides” is shrinking
tumors and sending many types of cancer into complete remission! Over 150
studies and 4,000 patients show it works especially well for cancers in the
advanced stages. (page 210)

    A cutting edge machine based on the research of a Nobel Prize winner.
It’s non-invasive yet so powerful it’s eradicating cancers of the prostate,
bone and lung. It’s even whipping so-called “terminal” cancers that have
metastasized to other areas of the body! (page 155)

Bill outlines every one of these breakthrough alternatives — with all the
details you need to take action yourself — in the pages of his newly-updated
book Cancer-Free. You’ll see for yourself how these secrets are often
effective against cancers that conventional doctors have labeled “hopeless.”

As Bill Henderson likes to say…
“…if I don’t tell you the truth about healing cancer no one will—not even
your oncologist!”

Oncologists will tell you about surgery or walk you through your options on
radiation and chemotherapy drugs. But they won’t step beyond recommending
these “Big Three” approved cancer treatments.

And it’s not because they don’t have your best interests at heart. They want
to help you heal — they’re doctors, after all.

But the fact is, American doctors can’t use these natural or alternative
treatments for cancer or they risk being thrown in jail! Sadly, our three-
decade ‘War Against Cancer’ has turned into a battle over bucks. Government
agencies that are supposed to help cancer patients are doing just the


Here is Where YOU will Find the answer.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

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