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Is Alkaline Bottled Water a Myth or not?

Alkaline Water MythThere are two sides to everything in life including the validity and health benefits of alkaline bottled water.  The debate goes back years and years to the days when Dr. Weil stunned the world with his revelations that Alkaline water was bogus.  Can a bottle of water with lemon juice actually prevent disease and increase your PH?  There are both pros and cons to this debate and only you can decide.

The Dr. Weil Debate

Millions all over the world love Dr. Andrew Weil, a regular guest on Oprah Winfrey and Larry King Live.  Dr. Andrew Weil a known and published natural remedies doctor made the water world take notice of him with his very blunt statement on the use and validity of alkaline water.  He stated, “The health claims for water ionizers and for alkaline water are bogus. Save your money.”  Keep in mind this was back in May 2005.  Has alkaline water improved since those days?

He went on to say, “Furthermore, your body needs absolutely no help in adjusting its pH. Normally, the pH of blood and most body fluids is near seven, which is close to neutral. This is under very tight biological control because all of the chemical reactions that maintain life depend on it. Unless you have serious respiratory or kidney problems, body pH will remain in balance no matter what you eat or drink.”

This is where the debate started.  All disease lives and loves the acidic body and when the food eaten is 90% acidic, the body will be acidic also.  It is also known that cancer cannot tolerate a high PH environment also.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

There are as many people in favor of alkaline water as there are against in the recent years.  Many in favor of alkaline water talk about it preventing disease and cancer and even death.  By detoxing the body with water and keeping your cells hydrated, the body is able to avoid bone damage and osteoporosis, arthritis and other debilitating diseases. Water is the basis of all life.

Opponents to Alkaline Water

The main complaint by the opponents is that to buy alkaline bottled water is just another way to steal money from the public.  In order to make alkaline water you will need an expensive filter which may cost $1000 or more and regular bottled alkaline water costing over a $1 each.  There are tablets you can add to the water to make it alkaline also, but with all these extras the money accumulates quickly.  Some will argue also that there has been no regulated clinical trials done to prove that alkaline water is indeed healthy.

Who is Right

There are many debates about alkaline water and it all comes down to individual preferences.  If you look back in history to Dr. Johanna Budwig who was chastised and admonished for her flax seed oil cancer protocol, you will begin to see that time will tell.  After her death Dr. Budwig was praised as being the one in the forefront of cancer research, but it took years for people to realize her true brilliance.  Is alkaline water the right healthy choice?  Not everything is good or right for everyone, but for many bottled alkaline water is the right choice.


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